Saturday, May 19, 2018

Understanding Cordlife Genscreen PlumCare DNA Advisor

Last year of August was the time that I was diagnosed with Uretero Pelvic Junction Obstruction. Of course, normal thing to ask yourself why and how this happened. And because it is a kidney-related thing, most of my family, friends and even I thought that it was maybe because of my fond for salty food. I even blame myself for this. Until my doctor explained everything to me about my health condition, the only time I was able to understand that this illness was "congenital", something that is inborn or hereditary and has nothing to do with the type of food I eat. I also asked my mom if she or papa has any health condition similarly to me and she said "wala naman" (nothing). Also, Mom and I can't remember a moment when I was seriously ill or hospitalized when I was young. How I wish, there is a test that will detect the kind of sickness I have ( a new born screening perhaps) early enough, so that I was able to prevent two serious surgery.

Recently,in the event that I attended held in Edsa Shangrila Hotel, Cordlife Genscreen introduced PlumCare DNA Advisor. Did you know that PlumCare DNA Advisor can help Filipino families detect potentially disease-causing genetic variants, made possible through a thorough analysis of the DNA of each family member?

Cordlife Genscreen PlumCare DNA Advisor was developed by Dr. Petros Tsipouras, a specialist in clinical genetics and an adjunct professor at the Yale University School of Medicine, and Dr. Paul Billings, a specialist in genomic medicine. All testing is performed at US-based facilities accredited by the College of American Pathologist ("CAP"), the global "gold standard" for laboratory quality assurance.
Event Host and Cordlife Mom-bassador Iya Villania-Arellano
The test relies on cutting-edge sequencing technology and a wealth of big data to provide meaningful and actionable insights into a family's genetic make-up. Many hereditary diseases can be prevented or managed if detected early enough. Through PlumCare DNA Advisor, families can now be armed with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about health and lifestyle choices as a family. This knowledge can help in the prevention, monitoring and treatment of potential conditions.
 Iya Villania-Arellano with PlumCare DNA Advisor Brand Ambassador Mr.Chito Miranda 
PlumCare DNA Advisor uses Whole Exome Sequencing(WES), this is done by collecting DNA from adults and children above the age of 6 years old using a saliva tube which is included in the collection kit. Collection from children younger than 6 years old will be done using a swab sponge. The test specimen are then sent to the high-quality and reliable genetic testing laboratory in the US, where PlumCare is based, with results available within 60 days. There is also a Genetic Counsellor that will give advice and will help you make necessary lifestyle adjustment or preventive care. Accordingly, the cost of PlumCare DNA Advisor test is 145,000 Pesos here in the Philippines, that includes family trio testing for you, your spouse and child.

It is nice to know that there is such a test like this, a test that will help us understand our family's genetic makeup and if a particular genetic variant has any significance in our family's health. In my case, I really hope that there is  a test like this 33 years ago. A test that is within reach and will give some expert advice on how we can take care of ourselves and our family now and in the future.

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