Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Emborg Celebrated Mother's Day

Last weekend, our family celebrated Mother's Day at Bay View Park Hotel Manila. For me, it was so special and I feel so blessed that I was able to spend it with the family. The past few months was a roller coaster ride for me and I'm thakful that I was able to recuperate fast from a serious surgery. One better way to celebrate Mom's Day is to treat Moms to a family staycation and we just  had a great time. We booked three rooms, one for my mom and sister Jek, the other one for my brother with his wife and another room for me, hubby and kids. Hopefully, I can share our experience at Bay View Park Hotel Manila with you soon.

Speaking of Mother's Day, I was also invited at the Emborg Amazing Mother's Day celebration last Sunday. It was a whole day event, Emborg moms gathered at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center for a fun pampering day for Emborg's most-loved moms. Truly, Emborg has always been in the business of ensuring that moms offer the best for their kids-and what better way to celebrate mother's amazing love for their children than by celebrating them in their most special day. 
with Ate Bianca ❤

There are only a few more ways a mother shows her love other than food. After all, a mother is her child‘s first source of sustenance, and the desire to nourish her kids extends well beyond their childhood. Food is every mom's expression of love, and as long as there is love, then food will be always be a mother's priority.

Emborg aligns with mothers in their desire to provide real, nutritious and tasty meals for their children through dairy products that taste good and score high on quality, health and affordability. As mothers take on hybrid roles in and out of the household, Emborg products allow them to prepare quick, easy and delicious meals that transform each family meal.

A substantial array of dairy products take quality ingredients and couples them customer-focused packaging. 

Emborg Butters and Spreads are suitable for cooking, baking or simply slathering on all kinds of breads
Natural Sliced Cheeses and Burger & Sandwich Slices elevate standard grab-and-go meals that are whipped up in a cinch
 Shredded Cheese, Block Cheese, Feta & White Cheese, Fresh Cheese, Mold Cheese and Deli Counter Cheeses incorporate the gourmet touch into pastas, meat-and-cracker boards, salads and every other dish imaginable
 Emborg's milk-based products add flavor and body to every meal
Emborg Creams are rich additions to savory dishes and desserts
UHT Milks are perfect for recipes or drank on their own
Yogurts and Protein Shakes make healthy living a delicious and convenient endeavor. 

Emborg's Junior line-a variety of cheeses and milks packaged for kids-make daily baon something children look forward to. In the event, mothers were treated to an endless sampling of Emborg products as they were given mommy makeovers and massage services. Ate Bianca also had fun decorating cupcakes using Emborg Whipped Cream

Mother's Day may be only once a year, but we, Moms, manage to be amazing in our own little way everyday. Emborg products will help us to create more amazing moments in the kitchen for or with our children. I'm excited to try a new recipe using Emborg products, I will be sharing it with you soon. Congratulations to Emborg for a successful event, it was indeed a mother's day treat for amazing Moms like me.😍

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