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Mommy Bloggers Philippines Mother’s Day Block Screening And Fundraising Event 2022

Bianca, Euki and I had the opportunity to watch a movie last week. Glad to have spend some quality time with my teens especially that this past few months I have been busy with my little one. A little bit guilty about it that I may not giving enough time for them. That is why I was glad that we had the chance to go out and had our movie date, a meaningful quality time with them that was also for a good cause.

Tina Quines blog
Mommy Bloggers Philippines Mother’s Day Block Screening And Fundraising Event 2022
I can't remember the last movie I have watched prior to the pandemic. And who would have thought that after two years of being inside our homes because of the pandemic, we will have the courage to go out  and watch a movie together?

For this year’s Mother’s Day, Mommy Bloggers Philippines chose to celebrate this milestone of having the freedom (at least within the boundaries of the safety protocols) to see each other and watch a family movie with our kids. 

Last May 7, 2022, at Cinema 1 Vertis North Ayala Malls 12PM, I had the opportunity to see again and also meet some members of the Mommy Bloggers with our kids and watch Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie.  It was the perfect movie to watch with the plot of the movie focused in one of the main character’s quest to be with her children (Wanda/Scarlet Witch) by means of using her evil superpowers and traveling to different universe. This quest entailed battles between forces of good and evil and eventually the mother’s love prevailed. 

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Bianca and Euki with Scarlet Witch

Tina Quines blog
Groupie with Dr.Strange 😊

Present in the blockscreening event were cosplayers Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch and they hosted the trivia question segment wherein prizes were given to lucky attendees who were able to answer quickly.
Tina Quines blog
Cosplayers Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch

Mommy Bloggers Philippines Mother’s Day Block Screening
Mommy Bloggers Philippines Mother’s Day Block Screening 

Mommy Bloggers Philippines Mother’s Day Block Screening 

Special thanks to all the sponsors of this event as it made the event a great success with all the moms bringing home lots of gifts, with the good memories of being friends and families, ready for next day’s Mother’s Day celebration.


PSAHelpline – Offers Online And Nationwide Delivery of PSA certificates

Chips Delight / Smileys / Sarap Pinoy / Egg Bites (Galinco)
Chips Delight / Smileys / Sarap Pinoy / Egg Bites (Galinco)

Cleene/ Rhea Generics / Baby Flo / MentoPas / Apollo Skincare  (Philusa Corporation

Kids Stuff by LifeOil
Kids Stuff by LifeOil  - Food Supplement Malunggay Concentrate in Mango Flavor 

KleenSafe offers a wide range of cleaning, hygiene, and sanitation products.

Qeeps Food Storage Bags

Endless Beauty by HBS
Endless Beauty by HBS

Tictac, Orange and Peach products for breastfeeding and child-rearing moms and Bloomglow PH for the Raffle Prizes 

Mommy Bloggers
Mommy Bloggers Philippines Mother’s Day Block Screening  2022

Proceeds of the event will be donated to GMA Kapuso Foundation  for Typhoon Agaton victims. Present at the event were the following members of Mommy Bloggers Philippines;

Lanie Lluch of TweenselMom and Mommy Bloggers Philippines
Bedalyn Aguas of MamiBedai
Mary Rose Castillo of MerryMommyMay
Jennelyn Ersando of MommyKulasa
Dianne Salonga of CurlyDianne
Berlin Domingo of MomiBerlin
Erica Redrico of
Shalene Rivera of PurplePieces
Jinkee Umali of LiveLifeFullest
Gail Bufi of Momof4SC
Evelyn Marfa of NanayMoments
Sharon Joyce Valdez of AllAroundPinayMama
Daryll Villena of
Rayrose Camille Samson of ItsRayrose
Angelyn Demo of MommysMagLife
Sarah Estebar of MommySeyrahCady
Margaux hemady of WanderWomomNessly Hamoy of
Janice Lim of MommyPlannerista
Meg Mortega of NocturnalMomTalks
Jessica Tinio of NanayJecka
Dane Relente of MisisNiAndres
And me!!😊

Mommy Bloggers Philippines was established December 2013. This group was created to gather mothers who blog all over the Philippines but is also open for Filipino bloggers from the rest of the world. 

As of 2022, there are already 600+ members within the community. Most of these members, though belonging to different blogger categories, are active in blogging and social media. This makes Mommy Bloggers Philippines one of the most active blogging communities in the country.

Mother's Day may be only once a year, but we, Moms, manage to be amazing in our own little way everyday. 

Congratulations Mommy Bloggers Philippines!! I am beyond grateful to be part of this #Mothersday celebration for a good cause.

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