Thursday, December 2, 2021

Fire Security and Safety At Home

At home, I wear different hats - manager, advisor, teacher, counselor but most of all I'm a mom and a housemaker. It is my responsibility to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the house, making sure of our security and safety at all times.

Attending to the needs of my two teenagers and a toddler at home is quite challenging. Good thing that my teenagers help me in doing the household chores. They are a big help when I have to attend the needs of my little one. In between doing household like cooking simple meals and bonding time, I would talk about many things including safety at home and at school by teaching them what they need to do in case of emergencies such as earthquake and fire.

Because of online school set up, my kids would stay with their gadgets most of the time. I always try to remind them about the proper plugging of devices. Letting every family members be educated about fire safety and precautions will help prevent fire emergencies that may occur at home. With that, I listed down things that I do to secure flammable items at home;

1. Talk about the fire safety and its risk to each family members. 

2. Always check electrical cords at home. Unplug those cords when it is not being use. 

3. Replace damaged cords immediately.

4. Avoid overloaded electrical connections. I Never allow my child to use gadgets while charging.

5. Always check appliances if it is in good working condition.

6. Know what you can do!! Nobody wants these to happen, fire, earthquakes, thyphoon, flood, vehicle impact, falling aircraft, explosion, smoke damage and riot,  it is always better to insure your property against the loss and damaged caused by fire. Fire Insurance Philippines.

Sharing this Study from Home infograph that my daughter made for her Technology and Livelihood Education subject. There is always an option for a balanced home study and work setup if we will practice an organized and safe area.

It is important to create a home fire escape plan to save lives. A home fire escape plan would help you and your family be cautiuos about emergency situatuion like fire and earthquake. 

I lost my dad because of fire, unfortunately he was trapped inside his office while it was on fire. I was only second year high school that time. It was very traumatic and I don't want to happen that again to any of my family. The reason why I am very serious about fire related topics.

We only have a simple home fire escape plan at home. Since we only have one exit area, our main door, I always tell my children that in case something like fire or earthquake would happen, just go out, go to our meeting area (a park nearby) and just leave everything at home. We also have contact numbers of our barangay, police, hospital and ofcourse fire rescue near by. Let each member get involved and talk about things like this especially with you kids so that they would know what to do. A lot of times, we don't have control of things that is happening, but an emergency plan would make you feel less worried because somehow you know you are prepared.

Home is the safest place especially nowadays. The love, support and care of each members of the family, time and memories being shared together, and the feeling that you are safe and secure is what we really needed the most.

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