Thursday, September 9, 2021

Baby Must Haves and Pampers Baby Dry for Newborn

Time really flies so fast, we will be celebrating Baby Marianne's 1st birthday soon. I have lots of plans in mind for her first birthday but because of our current situation, health protocols and the rise of covid-19 cases because of this Delta variant in Metro Manila, my husband and I decided to celebrate Mj's birthday just at home. 

Our first virtual photo shoot with Pampers, Thank you Pampers!!

I recently arranged and organized Baby Mj's things and would you believe that I still kept all her newborn essentials? Decluttering sometimes is so hard specially when you have lots of happy memories in it. And I guess moms would agree to me that it is not easy to remove from the closet all the newborn clothes because of those wonderful memories.

To all moms and soon to be mom, allow me to share with you the first things I bought for Baby MJ. These are booties, mittens, bonnet, pajamas, bibs, long sleeves, short sleeves, sando, jacket, cute one size, baby powder, baby oil, baby bath, cotton buds, cotton, alcohol, baby hair brush and of course Pampers baby Dry for Newborn.

Pampers has always been my trusted diaper brand and it is also recommended best diaper for newborn from my co-Power Parents! I want to keep my baby's skin rash-free. We only want the best for our newborns and I only find peace when Baby Marianne is wearing Pampers because it has 2-in-1 Rash shield that helps keep my baby's skin dry and protected, away from rashes and wetness that causes irritation. For Moms and specially soon to be mom,  I recommend you to try and use Pampers Baby Dry for Newborn. 

I still can't tell until when will I keep some of Baby Mj's things. One of my favorite is her cute little bodysuit one size. How about you mom, what are your favorite baby essentials?

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