Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Review: Lacta Flow Malunggay Capsule

If there is one great thing that happened to me amidst this pandemic, it is my baby MJ.

Each pregnancy is unique as well as to breastfeeding journey. Mine with my third born MJ is far different from her siblings. With my first and second born, I never got any problems with regards to breastfeeding. I had "too much" milk during their time. 

When I gave birth to MJ last year of September, it took a few days (4 days as I remember) until I was able to breastfeed. I got frustrated after giving birth because there's no milk that was coming out on me. I worry a lot if I can be able to provide milk for my baby. But I continued to breastfeed (latch as advice to me) anyway. Maybe, this happened because of my age, I'm 37 or maybe because it took about 12 years until I got pregnant again.

I learned about Lacta Flow malunggay capsule from a mommy friend. We all know that malunggay or moringa is considered a medicinal plant and has lots of healthy benefits. Some of these are;

* rich in Vitamis and minerals (Vitamin A,B,C,D and E)
* lower the risk of cancer
* improves immunity
* good for the skin
* maintains good eyesight
* good for the kidney
* prevents constipation
* increase milk production ( for mother who just gave birth)

I had kidney related problem (read more here) way back 2017, had stent and underwent pyeloplasty. Because of these,  I'm very meticulous in choosing/taking medicines. Good thing that I learned about Lacta flow malunggay capsule that is all natural herbal food supplement. Each capsule contains 500mg of malunggay. A supplement that I can take to support my breastfeeding.

I've been taking Lacta Flow for a months now, and noticed that there is really an increased of milk. Remember, it is always good to seek doctor's advice first or health care worker near your place before taking medicines specially for breastfeeding moms like me. 

For my fellow Moms who is breasfeeding and pregnant who also plan to breastfeed, enjoy the overwhelming bond with your little one while feeding him/her, priceless.💓💓

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