Saturday, July 24, 2021

Deliver your PSA Birth Certificate at Home using GCash

For moms who just gave birth like me, we really treasure a lot of our time being with our little one. We limit ourselves going out especially these times of pandemic because of our worry that we might bring the Covid-19 virus at home.  

But there are times that we really need to go to some places for important matters( grocery, pay bills, meetings, etc). I know that we are trying our best to make sure that we are safe, following safety protocols, proper wearing of facemask, social distancing are just some ways we are always trying to observe and follow.
I need to get a PSA birth certificate of my baby Mj so I can process my maternity benefits. I learned about where I can request online the birth certificate of my baby online without going to the PSA office and deliver it at home. 

Here's a simple guide for applying for PSA birth certificate;

1. Go to 
2. Fill up the information needed.
3. Pay using your GCash (BTW, there are other payment options, I opted to use my GCash).
4. Wait for few days and it will deliver to you at home.

With this transaction, I paid 365pesos using my GCash. 150 pesos for the PSA processing fee and 215 pesos for the delivery fee. 

I found it very convenient specially I avoid going out and that it is really hard to commute these days. The document was delivered to me 5 days after I processed it online. I am glad to know that there are services like this that makes life so easy specially in this times of pandemic.

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