Sunday, January 31, 2021

Joining Mommy Bloggers Philippines, Green Cross and Zonrox #TheVirusEndWithUs Advocacy

Joining Mommy Bloggers Philippines, Green Cross and Zonrox #TheVirusEndWithUs advocacy.

I've been using Zonrox since High School, the very first time I learned how to clean/wash my clothes. I remember how meticulous I am with my white polo uniform. My Aunt taught me how I can easily and properly clean my clothes with the help of Zonrox.

Now that I'm a mom, I still use this product. It is very helpful and effective in washing clothes and an all around cleaner too. I also love that there is Zonrox Color Safe that is specially designed for colored clothes, made doing the laundry easier as it removes stain on colored clothes. These two products, Zonrox Bleach Original and Zonrox Bleach ColorSafe are always included in my grocery list.

Mommy Tip: Now that my first and second born are both teenagers, I'm very thankful that they help me do the laundry. Guide them to wash/clean their clothes. In this way, they are learning how to be independent and responsible by doing simple chores at home.
I also discovered Zonrox Multi Clean. It is a non-bleach multi-surface cleaner that will kill commonly known viruses, bacteria or fungi like the Covid-19. It smells really good and works well on wood, metal, glass, tiles, bathroom and kitchen. This pandemic has taught us a lot and one of those learnings I would like to share is that to never underestimate this Covid-19 virus! I have known a lot of people who unfortunately had tested positive of Covid-19 and I've seen how difficult it was for them and their family. 
There are different variants of Green Cross soap, my favorite is the Green Cross Cool Mountain.

Hoping and praying that this pandemic will end soon. The best way that we can do for now is to continue to follow health protocols such as social distancing, proper wearing of face mask and face shield, to always wash/clean your hands, sanitize and disinfect our house. Remember that cleaning and disinfecting are two different thing, (cleaning- you only remove dust and dirt at home but disinfecting- you kill the germs or viruses). So better to always disinfect our house to make sure that we can prevent or remove Covid-19 virus. 
Make sure #TheVirusEndWthUs by always #DisinfectWithZonrox and make it a habit to #CleanHandsWithGreenCross💚

The new norm: These are the must have when going out, I always bring with me face mask, face shield, Green Cross Sanitizer or alcohol. I try to avoid crowded places. For the meantime, no family gatherings so I can protect myself, my family and others as well. How about you, what are the things that you do to protect yourself and family from Covid-19? 💚

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