Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Celebrating Month Milestone of my Child with Maya Decadence Red Velvet Cake

I'm always delighted to see post of some moms and dads celebrating the month milestone of their child. My third born baby MJ is four months old now and each day was really special for me. And just like other parents, I'm always excited to celebrate MJ's month milestone. I see post of some parents having family photo shoot, while some cook spaghetti or pancit, others even had lechon and no celebration is ever complete without a cake (some had their customized cakes, really nice!! ).  Just last week, to celebrate MJ's 4th month, I tried to make Maya Decadence Red Velvet Cake. I choose this simply because it is easy to use for first time baker like me. Just add some egg, butter, water and few mix and that's it!!  

I opted to use butter instead of vegetable oil.

I bought the measuring cups, cupcake tray and bread pan from shopee. 

For first time baker, I recommend this for you to try. As we know, baking really needs accurate measurements and some techniques ( I really hope to learn more!!!). But using Maya, baking made more easy, hassle-free and quick. Most specially, it really taste good. Your kids will surely love it!!  Kids can even bake this on their own.

There are lots of Maya Decadence premium mix, I will surely try the other variants of Maya. While Baby MJ is not yet eating any solid food, I'm looking forward to bake and eat with her soon. For the mean time, I'm enjoying the very special time of my baby MJ's first year. 

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