Tuesday, June 20, 2017

You can outsmart the Big C with Genov8

If cancer runs in your family, it often feels like there’s a ticking time bomb inside you that is counting down before you too would get the dreaded diagnosis of the Big C. You know, or know of, people who are in the midst of their battle with cancer, and you worry about the possibility of you having it all the time. There are ways to prevent cancer, but if the cancer is already in you, is there still a chance of preventing it — and at the end of all your efforts, would it still be possible to have a good quality of life?

Yes, and yes. 

About 10 to 15 percent of most cancers in women and men are from inherited gene mutation. Accordingly, hereditary cancer has a pattern typically seen through two to three generations — different members of the family diagnosed with the same type of cancer, and individuals diagnosed at a much younger age than average. Five to 15 percent of cancers are familial cancers that appear to happen more often in families than expected from just chance. While there is no specific mutation that links to these cancers, familial cancer may be hereditary. Seventy to 80 percent of cancers are sporadic — cancers that occur due to spontaneous mutations that accumulate throughout a person’s life. It cannot be explained by just one cause and it involves several factors like aging, lifestyle, or environmental exposure. 

BUT, if cancer runs in your family, this is not the final sentence. This a fact believed by Global Medical Technologies, who has been at the forefront of helping patients and medical practitioners advance health and outsmart health issues through medical tests and diagnostics. Genov8, is a genetic test that detects early genetic mutations that indicate the high probability of risk of a patient developing a certain kind of cancer. Not only that, it also gives an indication for relatives of possibly having the same gene mutation. Genov8 analyzes the most relevant genes for mutations that could increase the risk for eight hereditary cancers: breast (the most common cancer in the Philippines among women), uterine, melanoma, stomach, ovarian, colorectal, pancreatic, and prostate. This information gives the patient and the healthcare provider specific and proactive steps towards a personalized screening plan that would give them better chances of an early detection. The rate of winning against cancer increases dramatically when the cancer is detected at an earlier and treatable stage. 

The second part of the Genov8 test and creating a personalized intervention plan is testing for the patient’s Nutrigenomics, Toxogenomics, and Pharmacogenetics. Nutrigenomics shows how the patient responds to food. Toxogenomics determines how the environment affects the patient’s well-being. Pharmacogenetics gives the doctors exact information on how the patient responds to treatments, guiding them to more effective medications and programs. 

Unlike most genetic tests for cancer that end at just providing information about the patient’s genetic risks, the Genov8 test gives more information useful to taking more proactive, personalized, and actionable lifestyle intervention at an early stage. Not only does Genov8 important in the patient’s battle against cancer, but also in guiding him in his journey to optimum health. 

The Genov8 goes above and beyond ensuring quality for its patients. For one, the test could only be availed through a physician. This is to ensure that the test is ethically requested, and only after the physician deems it appropriate after reviewing the patient’s medical records. All results are evaluated by a certified health professional, with the patient’s personal and family health history taken into consideration. Every Genov8 test comes with a complimentary genetic counseling with a board-certified and licensed genetic counselor to answer all the patient’s questions. In addition to Genov8’s counselors, they collaborate with UCSF’s Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program to provide additional genetic counseling services. Genov8 tests are analyzed in two fully-automated, CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified, and ISO-certified laboratories in the USA and Austria.

Even if the Big C ‘runs’ in you family, it’s not suppose to run your life. With the right knowledge, you can outsmart cancer. The Genov8 test can be requested through your Physician. It is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Global Medical Technologies, for more information, patients and health practitioners may visit www.gmtmanila.com.

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