Monday, January 30, 2017

The Mom and Baby Expo 2017

As they say, each pregnancy is unique and the support of the family is important during pregnancy, I was glad that my family was always there to guide me during my pregnancy with Bianca and Euki. With my first born, I can still remember the times when I was having morning sickness. You really want to eat but to uncertainty you can't because a lot the times you will just end up with vomiting and sometimes it can last for the whole day. During those moments, there were lots of question in my mind about pregnancy, so I make sure to always seek medical advice and have a regular check up with a OB-Gyn. Aside from that, I also read books and magazines on how to prevent some "pregnancy queasiness" and also look up to workshops that will improve the welfare of both the mother and the child. Recently, I attended the launched of the first ever Mom and Baby Expo 2017 spearheaded by the Perinatal Association of the Philippines held at Romulo Cafe, Tomas Morato.

The Perinatal Association of the Philippines makes summer more fun and exciting to moms and moms-to-be with its first ever Mom and Baby expo 2017 event. The Mom and Baby Expo 2017 will be held on April 22-23 at the SM Megamall Megatrade Halls 2 and 3. Entrance fee is 50 pesos.

About the Perinatal Association of the Philippines

Founded in 1989, the Perinatal Association of the Philippines ( PAP ) has been instrumental in supporting the development of perinatal healthcare in the country. The organization is composed of multidisciplinary societies such as the;

Philippines Obstetrical and Gynecological Society ( POGS )
Philippine Society of Newborn Medicine
Philippines Pediatrics Society ( PPS )
Maternal and Child Health Association of the Philippines ( MCHAP )
 Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines ( IMAP ). 

All have the common desire and goal to provide quality healthcare to pregnant women and their unborn child.

“Our objective is simple yet powerful: to impart advices and traverse new ideas moms and expectant moms can use that will ultimately strengthen their maternal bond with their babies”, says PAP President Dra. Belen Velasco. “ This is very exciting because this is something big, something we have envisioned to happen for the longest time. And now, finally, we are doing it.”

The Mom and Baby Expo 2017 will showcase a series of talks from perinatal experts, pockets workshops, fun and informative activities, selling booths, food stalls and many more. “In the past, we have mounted a number of interesting, fun and successful assemblies in the aim of improving the health of both mothers and infants. This year, we are very proud our passionate members with decades of proven and justified experience in their fields of expertise led by Dra. Velasco, thought of this exhibition”, shares Dr. Diosdado Mariano, past PAP President. “The Expo is an opportunity to analyze and seek solutions to existing issues pertaining to maternal-fetal and newborn areas in an engaging and fun way.”

Throughout the years, the PAP has been mounting series of workshops and seminars on Safe Motherhood and Newborn Health through its different modules on Perinatal Education and National Resuscitation Program. Members of the society have dedicated their time and effort to ensure that the programs are shared throughout the different perinatal healthcare providers.

The three-day event is made possible by the PAP, in partnership with its trusted affiliates. To know more about the Mom and Baby Expo 2017, visit its official Facebook page  or follow its official Twitter account @MomBabyExpoPH

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