Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Easy DIY Recipe Scrapbook

Last November, my grade five daughter came home from school and was thinking about her assignment in Home Economics. The home work was about a recipe album that includes 10 pork recipes, 10 fish recipes, 10 vegetables recipes and 10 desserts recipes. I suggest, instead from the usual project which is to copy and print recipes from the internet and compile it, why make a recipe scrapbook. Since she knew that I also collect recipes, it will be easy for her to compile it and ended up with a nice project. Today, let me share with you #MyNinaBianca  DIY Scrapbook.

Materials Needed: Recipes, Scissor, Glue ,Colored Paper, Drawing Book, Cute Stickers and Kids Creativeness
1. Moms, I encourage you to allow your kids to do their projects on their own. I'm a Mom and I just want the best for my children, I usually involved myself in making simple projects of my kids.But then I realize that it will only end up with not allowing your child to do things on their own and not letting their imaginations develop. So with this project, my only participation was to prepare the needed materials for her to use. A drawing book is actually good for compiling, so that she can still add pages to collect recipes.

2. Do the label. The best way to start is to categorized the recipes like what #MyNinaBianca did with her project. She group her project by pork, fish, vegetables,chicken and desserts recipes.

3. Let your kids decide on what will be the design of his/her project. I just let #MyNinaBianca to come up with her own concept. For this project, we don't spent too much because all the design were cut outs from the magazine. Mommy Tips: It is also important that your child is enjoying her artwork so that next time that she will be having a project, it will be an exciting and not boring one for her/him.😉

4. She got trouble in finding veggies recipes 😐, #MyNinaBianca considered to copy some recipes from the recipe book and write it on a cute piece of paper or stationary. The nice thing about it, she able to find a solution to her problem and make up with all 50 recipes needed ( 10 fish, 10 pork, 10 veggies, 10 desserts and 10 chicken ).

Finally, #MyNinaBianca was able to submit her project just in time and got a good grade for this. Scrapbooking is a fun and exciting way for a child to compile projects or special experience. Now, #MyNinaBianca has her personalized recipe scrapbook and excited for her next project😗.

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