Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dengue Mission Buzz Continues in Paranaque City to Improve Public Awareness against Dengue

The Dengue Mission Buzz is an educational bus that seeks to educate and communicate to ASEAN communities on effective dengue prevention and control, including practical tips that are easy to follow. The initiative was launched during the 5th ASEAN Dengue Day in Laos last June 15, 2015 as a way to engage communities in the ASEAN region to improve public understanding of the disease and its prevention. The bus has travelled to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and now in the Philippines covering 4000 kms numerous to more than 30 communities, reaching millions of individuals. In the Philippines, the Buzz was rolled in Quezon City to a boisterous affair.

Congressman Eric Olivarez of Paranaque called on everyone to be a proactive against dengue.

Together with the Department of Health, Department of Education, Local Goverment Units (Paranaque City Government) and in cooperation of with the Sanofi Pasteur, the Dengue Mission Buzz recently unveiled in the Paranaque City National High School-Main. I was delighted to witness how the community involved to this kind of advocacy. As a Mom, I always wanted to protect my children from Dengue, timely as it usually during the rainy season when the number of dengue cases rise.

To raise Dengue education and awareness among  the youth and the most awaited part of the event was the dance contest where different schools in Elementary and High School of Paranaque City  participated with a theme of Department of Health's4-o' clock  Habit Campaign to "Stop,Look and Listen" against Dengue.

STOP at 4:00 PM
LOOK inside and outside of the house to search and destroy possible mosquito breeding places
LISTEN to Barangay officials about Dengue prevention strategies to be implemented at the Barangay

Elementary Category

 2nd Place: San Dionisio Elementsry School
 1st Place: Paranaque Elementary School - Central
Champion: Baclaran Elementary School- Unit II

High Shool Category
Champion: Paranaque National High School

The World Health Organization(WHO) ranks Dengue as the fastest spreading mosquito-borne viral disease in the world. Dengue continues to spred at the alarming rate, with a jump from only 9 countries affected in 1970, to now being endemic in more than 100 nations across WHO regions. In the Philippines, Dengue is perennial public health problem with an estimated number of cases reaching over 842,867 annually.

"There is a need to step up dengue preventive measures. By actively collaborating to actively support public education initiatives that seek to raise awareness against the disease, government and the partners in the private sector can make a difference in reducing the burden of the disease. We welcome initiatives such as the Dengue Mission Buzz that offer useful tips on dengue prevention and aims to empower communities to take action against Dengue." said the DOH Spokesperson and concurrent Dengue Prevention and Control Program Manager, Dir. Lyndon Lee Suy.

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