Monday, May 12, 2014

Unilab Launches Hey Mom! Portal

Just in time for Mother's Day celebration, Unilab has prepared exceptional gift for moms like me. It is an online community made by Filipino mothers for Filipino mothers. Hey Mom! is an online portal specifically designed to be a resource for moms to access and exchange relevant information that will help in their everyday parenting tasks. The online community also wishes to foster a sisterhood among mothers.


Hey Mom! provides mothers with knowledge on a wide variety of topics: pregnancy, childbirth, nutrition, raising kids, taking care of themselves, and more.

It contains stories from friends—Filipino moms who speak from experience who are sincerely there to help. It is a community so diverse that moms are bound to find a friend who they can share different parenting techniques with, parenting statuses, and many other parenting stories.

Articles for all types of moms—expecting, new and experienced—will be available in the portal. Expecting moms, or moms-to-be, are craving for tips and stories on how to handle their pregnancy since every pregnancy is different. In the same manner, first time moms are both excited and anxious to get as much information about giving birth and raising children. Experienced moms will be able to share their own experiences and provide as much information to the community and, at the same time, would like to know how other moms raise their children. In this community, moms are free to express their own opinions on the topics and share their experiences in the website through the comment boxes.

Mothers are naturally hungry for information when it comes to parenting and their children but because information is readily available on the internet, it can get confusing for moms. We also want to acknowledge that there is no single rule when it comes to parenting. What worked for one mom may not necessarily work for another and this where Hey Mom! can help,” says Mildred Manansala, Unilab Assistant Media Manager for Hey Mom.


Adding to the uniqueness of Hey Mom! are the mom personalities who contribute to the website. These moms offer their no nonsense advice on motherhood and parenting through their articles.


Former international model and VJ Amanda Griffin Jacob is one of the celebrity contributors. She has now settled fully into her most exciting role to date: Mommy! These days her projects revolve around motherhood which has proven to be Amanda's passion.


Actress Mylene Dizon contributes her point-of-view to the portal as single and playful mom. She says, “Motherhood is one of the greatest roles I’ve taken in my life. It has been a challenge raising my kids and there have been times when I doubt my decisions, but I always remind myself that I do what I believe is best for them. This is the same wisdom that I want to share with moms, to show them that they have a strong support system online.”

Lastly, noted mom blogger and experienced mom Noemi Dado completes the list of contributing personalities. As an advocate of creating a safer environment for children, she is known to be nurturing to her family.

To further help moms simplify the information that they get, the Hey Mom! portal is customizable to the needs of the members. Upon sign-up, information about the moms and their children will be collected and will be used to tailor fit the topics that will appear on the homepage.


We take pride in the fact that Hey Mom! does not offer one point of view but explores different opinions and parenting styles. We encourage conversations between our members in our portal as we know that moms usually listen to other moms. Even our celebrity moms offer different perspectives when it comes to motherhood. We want our members to consider Hey Mom! as an online sisterhood that can be their reliable support system in their parenting concerns,” adds Manansala.

To register and find out more details about Hey Mom, users can visit or join


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