Tuesday, May 13, 2014

#SigeSabado Activity: Choco Art

I was glad ti have the #SigeSabado play box. The play box includes lots of kiddie activity, very timely to keep them busy this summer. Daughter requested to try first the choco art/chocolate drawing activity. Moms and kids, you can also try this fun-activity even if you do not have the Sige Sabado playbox. You just need to provide the following:

For the Choco art/Chocolate drawing:
  • Chocolate bar (Sweet)
  • Squeeze bottle
  • Wax paper
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Cookies
  • Double Boiler

1. Melt the block of chocolate in a double boiler to avoid burning the chocolate.

 2. Add 2 tsps of vegetable oil to prolong the consistency

3.  Pour the melted chocolate into the squeeze bottle.

4.   Spread the wax paper onto a cookie sheet or a flat tray. Me, I spread the wax paper on our dining table, I just make sure that the area is clean.

5.   I let my kids draw shapes, animals, trees, cartoon characters and anything else they want onto the wax paper using the squeeze bottle.

6. Wait for it to solidify or place inside the fridge.
7. Admire your edible work of art and take a photo of it so that you can have a reminder of your chocolate portrait before you proceed to  eating it!
I'm happy with the outcome of this activity. Love chocolate... 
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