Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Five things you need to know about Pure it

Unilever Philippines recently launched its newest brand, Pureit, the largest selling brand of in-home water purifiers in the world, starting with the Excella, a non-electric water purifier that converts tap water and even untreated water into guaranteed clean and safe drinking water. Pureit Excella is the only non-electric water purifier that meets the microbiological safety norms criteria of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the regulatory body with the most stringent standards for safe drinking water all over the world.

Before I usually boil water taken from the tap, but my daughter had diarrhea and vomiting. So I decided to buy drinking water from water refilling stations. As a Mom you always want to make sure that your kids are drinking safe water. Until I learned about Pureit.

Five things you need to know about Pure it

  1. With Pure it, no need to buy unsafe and yet expensive bottled water.
  2. No boiling. Removers harmful germs to provide complete protection from all water borne diseases.
  3. No Electricity. Advanced technology that needs no electricity
  4. Meets International Safety Norms. Meets stringent global norms for safe drinking water, i.e. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), USA
  5. Great Tasting Water. Pure it gives you clear, odourless and great tasting water.

Pureit Excella turns potentially dangerous tap water into a fountain of health by purifying water twice, giving users complete germ protection. The first level of purification consists of three simple yet valuable layers of protection where water initially passes through the Germkill Processor that disinfects the water of almost all bacteria, viruses and germs.
Next, it passes through the Advanced Microfiber Mesh that filters out precipitates such as visible and invisible dust and dirt particles, as well as metallic impurities.
Lastly, the Carbon Polisher removes pesticides, chlorine, and odor from the water, before it goes to the second level of purification.The second level purification is performed by the which further purifies the water by removing any remaining parasites or bacteria—assuring families of protection against diseases. The end product is clear, fresh, and natural-tasting water that’s free from harmful agents.


As a tabletop device, using Pureit Excella also eliminates the hassle of buying expensive water from water refilling stations and the associated risk of contamination through unclean containers or storage rooms.

 Unilever Pureit Excella is the only non-electric, in-home water purifier in the market that meets the stringent germ kill criteria of the US Environmental Protection Agency for the removal of bacteria, viruses and parasites. It provides the highest standard for safe drinking water without the need for electricity or continuous water supply.