Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Celebrate real world connections with McDonald's and Coca-Cola

Have you seen the latest TV commercial of McDonalds? McDonald's and Coca-Cola, two iconic, global brands and long-time partners, which champion in happiness, enjoyment and togetherness, are taking a stand and encouraging people to stay offline a little longer and enjoy real world connections.

I was invited at the McDonalds Eton Centris as McDonald's and Coca Cola welcomed Analog Hours.

 Love this Timeout case. In the event, we were requested to keep our phones tuck away in the timeout case and enjoy the activities around the venue.

We had finger tripper game, enjoyed playing this with friends.

The host, Iya Villania-Arellano and Nikki Gil
Jeric and Jeron Teng.

 My Yummy Big Mac Burger
 Singer-songwriter Kitchie Nadal, vocalist of alternative rock band Mojofly.
 Barbie Almalbis-Honasan

Inviting people to create a genuine moments of connections, McDonald's and Coca-Cola are introducing the new BFF Bundles, an exciting menu offering designed to be shared among friends and family. With the BFF Bundles for just Php 399 for a group of three or Php 599 for a group of four, costumers can costumize their bundled offers, chosing between their favorite McDonald's products.

With the BFF Burger Bundle, costumers can choose from seven of their favorite McDonald's Burgers and enjoy them with the BFF Fries, big enough for the entire gang to enjoy together, and a refreshingly ice-cold Regular Coke for each one. Friends who prefer Chicken Mcdo can opt for the BFF Chicken Bundle and choose between 1pc Chicken Mcdo and McSpaghetti or 2pc Chicken Mcdo with rice, complete with BFF Fries and Regular Coke.

For a delicious shared snack, those who constantly find themselves wanting to get their hands on McDonald's World Famous Fries paired perfectly the Coke McFloat, Coca-Cola drink topped with soft serve vanilla and chocolate syrup, the BFF Fries and Float combo is theirs to enjoy for an affordable price of only Php 150.

What are you waiting for? Visit McDonald's store nearest you. Call 86-2-36 or log on to