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UNMASKED! Remember Mom You Have a Purpose

A lot of times when I was growing up, I feel like I don't have any purpose in life. There is emptiness and longingness to something I really can't explain. And most of the time, I feel that life has never been easy for me.

Forgive me if my heart is full of envy!

I always love to see some of my friends with their family - complete, happy, and enjoying one's company. It may seem pointless but sometimes it is natural to feel that you want to experience or you want to have something that other people around you already have. And in my case, I've always been wanting a happy family. This is because I came from a broken family. My mom and dad got separated when I was in grade school.

Because of my heart's desire, I promised myself that one day when I already have a family of my own, I will make sure that my kids will never feel any pain, any sorrow, and longingness that I felt.

Having a family of my own

Growing up, I usually isolate myself from my friends and loved ones and was unable to participate in social activities. I have no achievements to my name and honestly, school was not my top priority. 

Our first family photo

Getting married was not my priority either until I met my husband, Eugene. And we were blessed with our first born Bianca. It was an unprepared marriage. Eugene and I were not yet ready into stepping to a married life - emotionally, mentally, and financially at that time. But then again, it happen.

I am the happiest Mom in the World!!!

Getting married and pregnant was never easy for me. Becoming a mom might be a very exciting journey (yes it is!!) but at the same time, challenging. From the day I found out that I was pregnant, the fatigue, trouble sleeping, and more plus the preparations in welcoming the baby, breastfeeding and so, didn't came so easy.

But believe me, my firstborn gave me the confidence I need to be a mother. Motherhood has taught me so much about life, to be strong and just be the best version of myself. For the first time, becoming a mother gave me a feeling of purpose.

My lovely Bianca

Little act of kindness

I remember when I got sick in 2018, I found out that I have a congenital kidney disease and need to undegro an operation. At an age of 10, my firstborn Bianca knew and understand the situation. I will be needing money for medical expenses as I need to undergo 2 minor and 1 major operation. That year was the most challenging year for me as I really don't know what will happen next.

At an early age, we taught Bianca the importance of saving money. She will keep her baon and put it in her alkansya. I remember the day when my husband and I were discussing about my hospital expenses, Bianca came and gave me her savings so I can use it for my medical expenses. This little act made me cry. It was a small amount but I truly appreciated her kindness. 

Her small wins!!

She excels in all her academics, both in grade school and high school. She loves to participate in school activities too. Yearly, we always attend  recognition ceremony as she will always received school awards. When she was in Grade 10, she won in her school as Vice President for Student Council. I am truly proud!! As a parent, you want nothing more than to see your children succeed in life. And honestly, there are so many things that I value more than these the grades and recognitions.

Sharing is Caring: I can still remember those days when she will gather some of her books and will tell me to donate those in Day Care center near our place.

As Bianca grows up, I see her a completely  different me! She is very outgoing and very talented. She loves art, she can play the guitar, and even compose her own song. She loves to write stories and poems too. She knows how to use this God-given talents.

One of my favorite photo with her

She inspires me with her sense of purpose as she can easily express her passion and is determined enough to pursue her dreams. Sometimes, I would ask myself about what I have done to be deserving enough to have a daughter like her! Children are supposed to learn from their parents but most of the time I learn from her! There is something special about her and because of that I learned to appreciate life more.

As I write an entry for the "UNMASKED: The Comco Mundo Write to Ignite Season 3", I was thinking of a person who has an inspiring story and worth sharing. Everyone has a nice-worthy story to share- and I give this spotlight to my first born Bianca. I am in awe of her kind heart, pure intentions, her deep love and care for me. I admire her courage as I see how she strive to pursue her dreams. She came into my life and taught me love I never knew.  I learned that I can grow a new heart and fill it full with kindness, pure intentions and with good purpose.

Our very recent photo. My first born is 16 years old now

“The moment that changed me forever was the moment my first child was born. I was happy, filled with hope, and thought, ‘Now I understand the whole point of work, of life, of love.’” – Paul Theroux

This story is an entry to COMCO Mundo’s “UNMASKED: The COMCO Mundo Write to Ignite Season 3”.  The initiative aims to pull and collate powerful stories from the Philippine blogging communities. “UNMASKED” aims to explore how each mask is a person brimming with hope and wonders to share with others, as well as why it is important to tell their inspiring journeys in life. The “Write to Ignite” Season 3 is made possible by COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises, with airasia, Babyflo, PHILUSA Corporation, Century Tuna, Licealiz, Lamoiyan Corporation, Rémy Martin, and Uratex Monoblock as brand partners.

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