Monday, March 13, 2023

Easy and Fast Cleaning with the iMop Clásico

On weekdays, I usually wake up as early as 5 am to prepare breakfast and baon for school for my teens. Then enjoy a cup of coffee and bread before I start my daily cleaning routine at home, this includes quick mopping and disinfecting of the floor.

iMop Clasico
My new discovery.... The iMop Clásico!

I want to start my day with a clean house. A neat and tidy home makes me feel happy and helps me to focus more on to other important tasks. Also, I want my toddler to have a clean and safe space for play.

iMop Clasico
The familia iMop Clásico

Cleaning materials are a big help for moms like me. And just recently I discovered iMop Clásico, a brand by Familia Houseware Philippines. 

The iMop Clásico, known as the revolutionary spin mop, is an easy to use mop and convenient to keep our floor clean. It's special features includes a wash and dry system, rapid- spinning dryer and its thick microfiber cloth that removes tough dirt, makes effortless mopping

iMop Clasico
Cuts cleaning time with its convenient wash and dry system

iMop Clasico
A nice to have cleaning tool at home! 

The mop pole is easy to assemble and it can extend up to 123cm (4ft). I like it that I can mop comfortably and it can easily reach each corners of our house. It is also hygienic- no need to use your hands to dry the mop with its rapid-drying bucket. Another great feature is that it is durable, I think it can last for long. This mop is a nice to have cleaning tool at home!
iMop Clasico
Mommy Finds: iMop Clásico

I also love it's microfiber cloth, thick and great for wiping dust and scrubbing tough dirt. It is reusable, replaceable, washable and also easy to clean. The microfiber cloth can easily remove from the mop head and I prefer to hand wash it to make sure that it is thoroughly clean before I use it again. If you want to try this iMop Clásico, you can get this at Shopee or Lazada.

I feel great whenever I get my house cleaned. I am so glad that there are products like this floor mop that makes life so easy and efficient.

Mommy tip: Involve your kids to do the household chores. My teens really like helping me do the cleaning at home. Take advantage of this help! This will lead your kids form good habits too.

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