Wednesday, February 8, 2023

February is also Oral Care Month

Oral health plays an important aspect in our daily lives. And just like other moms, I don't want to suffer my kids from any dental problems. That is why I always make sure to practice at home good dental habits to protect my child's teeth every day. 

Mj is 2 years old and she always enjoys brushing her teeth!!

Did you know that aside from Valentines Day, February is also Oral Care Month? At an early age, I make sure to introduce and guide Mj the easiest, simpliest and proper way of brushing her teeth. And one good way of practicing good oral hygeine is by choosing the best quality toothbrush that would best fit for her age. 

New set of dental essentials for Mj

My youngest is using this Tiny buds Micro Bristle Toddler Brush. It has soft bristles that is very gentle to use on the gums. It also has a rounded brush head that fits comfortably into her mouth and has a handle size specially made for her age.

She can comfortably hold and use the toothbrush!

Also, one of our favorite Tiny Buds product is the Tiny Buds Natural Baby Toothgel in Strawberry Cherry Flavor. It is made with natural ingredients, sugar free, no artificial flavor, no rinsing needed and safe for babies/toddler if swallowed. Mj loves the strawberry cherry flavor!! I just recently bought her a new set of dental essentials. Because most dentists recommend replacing a toothbrush about every three to four months. 

Just in time for the Oral Health Month, Tiny Buds will be re-releasing the "I Love You Berry Much" Limited Edition Strawberry Cherry Baby Toothgel this Valentines Day.

Super cute packaging!!!

I like you Straw Berry Much ❤❤❤

"I love You Berry Much" Limited Edition Strawberry Cherry Toothgel 

You can also get and try the "I love You Berry Much" Limited Edition Strawberry Cherry Toothgel this Valentines Day and Pay-Day Sale Feb 14-15 on Tiny Buds official stores www.tinybuds.comShopee or Lazada

Let us make "toothbrush time" a fun-family bond with our kids. At some point there will be struggles in teaching them to brush their teeth, but we should always remember that establishing dental hygiene in children from early on is important and it will also help them to make it a regular habit.

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