Monday, February 20, 2023

Mommy Finds: The Tiny Buds Buubuu Collection

Oftentimes out of curiosity and the desire to explore to new objects, the environment and people around them, toddlers like my Mj unexpectedly bump into things, fall and get minor cuts or abrasion while playing and exploring.

With every tiny worry, there is a tiny remedy. 

I am honoured and privileged to be included in the Tiny Buds Mommyboard Batch 3 under the Usapang Nanay Community. I received and got the chance to try most of the Tiny Buds products. Among these, my favorite are the baby essentials belong to the Tiny Remedies. From diaper rash, kabag or colic, a gel that helps take away redness after baby's vaccination - each Tiny remedies has a special use and everything really saves the day!

Just recently, Tiny Buds launched the Tiny Remedies Buubuu Collection. These are nice to have products that moms can keep at home where you can immediately and easily clean, treat, soothe the pain, and protect most minor injuries. Here are the six Tiny Remedies Buubuu Collection; 

1. Buubuu Cleansing Spray. It is made with witch hazel to gently cleanse and soothe skin without stinging. It is alcohol free, fragrance free, no harsh chemical and gentle way to cleanse skin.
Tiny Buds
Buubuu Cleansing Spray

2. Buubuu Gel Skin Soothing Gel. After cleaning the wound, or abrasion or cut- you can apply this Buubuu gel in it. The buubuu gel is made of natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals and paraben free. Overall safe to use for our little ones.
Tiny Buds
Buubuu Gel

3. Buubuu Cold and Hot Packs. It is made with clean non-toxic gel and high grade PVC that can alternate between cold and hot temperature. The box contains two adorable reusable gel packs that comfortably fit toddlers and kids. With its dual function (hot or cold packs), it can help to calm our child from being hurt, soothe the pain or discomfort and gives an instant relief.
Tiny Buds
Buubuu Cold and Hot Packs
4. Buubuu Bands is use to cover and protect minor cuts or wounds. It has different cute and colorful  designs. After cleaning and treating the cut or wound, you can use this to cover it to avoid getting irritation or infection. The pack contains 24 bandages that is suitable for small wounds.
Tiny Buds
Buubuu Bands

5. Buubuu Cooling Strip. The Tiny Buds Buubuu Collection is Growing! There are two adorable and useful additions to this Buubuu Collection; these are the (1) Buubuu temperature stick ons and the (2) Buubuu cooling strip. Both can be used when baby has a fever. The Buubuu Cooling strip can be used to cool down baby's temperature. 
Tiny Buds
Buubuu Cooling Strip

6. Buubuu Temperature Stick Ons. One of nice-to-have is the temperature stick ons that continuously monitor the temperature of your child. If I can recall, this was introduced by Tiny Buds last September 2022 and now has a new look and was group to the buubuu collection! It is a very convenient option when baby has a fever and you don’t want to disturb baby/toddler from sleeping but still needs to monitor his or her temperature. Good thing about it is that you can easily monitor if the fever is getting better or worse. Your child will be comfortable to use it. It is also very easy to use- just peal and apply on forehead. 
Tiny Buds
Buubuu Temperature Stick Ons

Minor abrasions or cuts can usually be safely treated at home, but if you notice redness, continuous bleeding or pain to the area, always better to seek medical attention right away. Also if in any case baby's fever gets too high, always best to seek immediate care from your doctor. 

Tiny Buds products are well known very safe, specially made for our little one and very effective that moms should have at home. Truly, with every tiny worry, there is a tiny remedy. How about you, what tiny buds product do you use for your baby at home?

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