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Experience Worry Free All Night with MAKUKU SLIM and COMFORT Series Diapers

Babies’ are known for having smooth skin that is sensitive and delicate, making it susceptible to diaper rash – a common and mild irritation of the skin that causes redness in the area where the diaper is worn. Most cases of diaper rash are caused by excessive moisture from leaving a wet or soiled diaper on for too long. The baby’s skin becomes red, irritated and prone to chafing. Painful sores can develop, and the baby becomes vulnerable to yeast and bacterial infections. MAKUKU created some helpful tips on how to soothe and protect your baby's bottom.

MAKUKU SLIM and COMFORT Series Diapers
MAKUKU SLIM and COMFORT Series Diapers

Soothing Your Baby’s Bottom

If your baby develops diaper rash, one way to improve its condition is to change his or her diaper frequently. Other helpful ways to treat diaper rash include:

  • Rinsing the affected area with warm water and a soft washcloth.
  • Pat dry and never rub.
  • Avoid baby wipes that contain alcohol or are fragranced.
  • Allow your baby’s bottom to air out whenever possible.

Preventing Diaper Rash

Parents may not be able to prevent diaper rash completely, but you can do a lot to keep the irritation to a minimum. Here are some tips and reminders to avoid it.
  • Don’t leave a soiled diaper on for too long. Baby’s skin can get irritated if you let him wear a soiled diaper — whether because of pee or poop — for an extended period. This is also the reason why babies with frequent bowel movements or diarrhea are more prone to diaper rash.
  • Check if the baby's diapers are too tight. A tight diaper can rub against the skin and cause irritation and may lead to rashes.
  • Watch out for yeast. Diapers can leave very little room for air circulation. This creates a warm, moist environment that bacteria and fungi like yeast infection.
  • Be wary of irritants and allergic reactions. Ingredients in disposable diapers, baby wipes, laundry detergent, soap, or lotion can all irritate your little one’s delicate skin.
  • Observe the baby when introducing new food. Rashes are common when your baby is introduced to solids or after feeding them a new type of food. The food can change the composition of your little one’s stool which causes rashes.
  • Watch out when taking antibiotics. If you’re breastfeeding and taking antibiotics, or if the baby needs to take this medicine, it can increase the risk of yeast infection, according to WhatToExpect. Antibiotics can also lead to diarrhea, which leads to diaper rash as well.
  • Check the diaper quality. Ensure that the baby's diaper brand is at best quality. Always choose diaper that is high-quality and safe for your baby

Here’s the good news to all mommies out there! MAKUKU innovated diapers that are equipped with air cushion core black technology that allows your baby's skin to breathe. In addition, MAKUKU diaper pants bottom layers are made of ultra-fine denier fiber, which is delicate and clean, light and soft as silk and it makes the baby feel more comfortable. 

Best of all, one of the Air Diapers seriesMAKUKU SLIM creates a new diaper environment of Vitamin C weak acid that helps neutralize the baby’s skin pH level and prevent skin irritation caused by urine. Therefore, it provides a hypoallergenic environment on the baby’s bottom area while also preventing an external leakage. On the other hand, the Vitamin C balances the acidity and alkalinity of the baby’s skin.

Experience worry free all night with MAKUKU SLIM and COMFORT Series diapers, the baby's bottom will stay fresh, protected and comfortable. Babies can now finally say goodbye to rashes, keeping them happy all-day long! 

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