Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Mommy Pehpot shares 5 Laking Lamang nutrition hacks for your kids All-Around Development

Until very recently, many children have not been able to go to school, go outdoors or socialize with other kids. Staying confined for almost two years was challenging for the children- and for the moms who needed to find ways to ensure that kids are given adequate support and stimulus for their All-Around Development (with proper nutrition and stimulation).

Social Media Influencer Pehpot Pineda, more known as Mommy Pehpot, admits going through this: “It was really challenging for me to take care of the kids during the lockdown. I felt like they have needs that I cannot provide especially because I am with them 24/7 inside the house. We struggled to adjust to the new normal especially with schoolwork since most of my kids work better in a normal school environment. Although we had some struggles, we had more wins as a family. We became closer since and bonded more as we did more family-centered activities. Since we could not go on vacation, we made it a point to 'bring the vacation here at home' through swimming parties, BBQ afternoons, and fancy dinners. But the most important win we had during the pandemic is realizing the value of being healthy”.

In making sure her kids stay healthy and strong, Mommy Pehpot thought of ways to make sure her kids’ health are in tip top shape. Here, she shares her five (5) Laking Lamang nutrition hacks or habits to ensure her children’s all-around development – particularly in brains, bones and immunity.


Get them into activities that stimulate the mind. “Inside the house, usually during 'quiet time', I usually get Marius to do artwork like paint or color. Sometimes, I just give him sheets of paper where he can scribble or draw. It’s an activity that he enjoys- together with his “Ate” and “Kuyas”


Sleep at least 8 hours a day. “When my kids don’t get enough sleep, they wake up moody, tired, or cranky. Sleep is important for both the brain and the body. Aside from that, sleep is needed to strengthen their immunity and ensure they keep growing”.


Wake up early and sunbathe for at least 10 minutes. “We make sure to hang out in the breakfast nook to get some sun. We use that area to have our breakfast together. It’s our morning motivation while we do some sunbathing. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone. We had the much-needed Vitamin D at the same time, bonding with the family”.

Exercise or any physical activity is a must. “During the pandemic we formed a hobby of playing outside our garden. We have a small tree that the kids love climbing. We also played some Pinoy games like patintero and pinoy football.”


Provide kids with healthy nutrition. "It's hard to make kids eat healthy. I'm sure everyone has experienced the struggle of making kids eat their fish, vegetables, etc. But I just don't give up. Good thing I found a milk that helps me provide them with the necessary nutrients they can get from foods that they don’t usually consume on a daily basis. Lactum 3+ was recently reformulated with 5X Higher DHA (vs. previous formulation) --- nutrients they could get from eating healthy food like deep sea fish like salmon. The higher DHA helps support brain development. It also now has 50% less sucrose (sugar) (vs. previous formulation) which helps lower the risk of unhealthy weight gain. It also helps decrease the possibility of contracting non-communicable diseases. I learned that Lactum 3+ is also packed with nutrients for immunity and bone health. So, I'm super glad to give them a glass of milk and know that it helps support their All-Around Development (with proper stimulation and nutrition). Sometimes instead of drinking it, we try making milk popsicles by adding interesting ingredients like cookies for flavor. We also explored mixing it with fruits which my kids enjoyed as well. Serving it chilled is another option too, since I noticed that my kids like it cold.

Because milk is an essential part of her kids’ everyday nutrition hacks, Mommy Pehpot says choosing the right brand was very important. And after much thought and research, she chose Lactum 3+. “It was actually my first child who started drinking Lactum 3+ and if I were to count the years since he started, that would be 15 years! Marius, who is our youngest drinker now, only started drinking a year ago. I noticed that with Lactum 3+, Marius' weight improved. I also noticed that he is more active and really looks forward to our afternoon habit of playing outside with his siblings”.

To help moms achieve all-around development with proper nutrition and stimulation for children above 3 years old, Lactum 3+ has now been improved into the new Vitaminized Lactum 3+ with 5x more DHA and 50% less sucrose versus its previous formulation. The higher DHA aims to help provide kids with the best nutrition that support early childhood brain development, help promote bone growth, and help strengthen the body’s immune system. Vitaminized Lactum 3+ also has 50% less sucrose (sugar) (vs. previous formulation) which helps diminish the risk of unhealthy weight gain; helps decrease the possibility of contracting non-communicable disease.

Mommy Pehpot admits that helping her kids shift to a new taste due to the new formulation of Vitaminized Lactum 3+ was a challenge in the beginning. She recounts: “At first, the taste may not be compatible to their liking but eventually, if we help them transition to this new formulation, then it would benefit them in the long term. And I think this is very fulfilling. “Para kang nanalo ng best mom award!”

Moms everywhere should take Mommy Pehpot ‘s hacks to heart especially when it comes to choosing Vitaminized Lactum 3+ for their kids’ all around development with proper nutrition and stimulation. Because at this time when everyone is making health a top priority, everyone must agree: “Laking Lamang ang Batang All Around”.

Vitaminized Lactum 3+ wants to help moms across the Philippines raise well-developed, all-around children. As a treat to moms, Lactum will have a Super Brand Day on April 22. Shop online for Vitaminized Lactum 3+ during this day to take advantage of deals like Buy 2, Take 1, up to P1,927 off, up to 4 FREE GIFTS and a chance to win a Dyson Bladeless Fan for the top spender. Just head on to this link . Per DOH-FDA CFRR Permit No. 0201 s. 2022

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