Thursday, March 3, 2022

Fashion and tech do mix: How to match the vivo V23 Series 5G with any OOTD

Make OOTDs stand out with the vivo V23 Series 5G’s innovative Photochromic design and impressive cameras.

Technology has played a significant role in fashion through the years. It can either be used as a tool to improve design processes, or as material to level up looks. Designers have utilized tech from LED lights to add shimmer to gowns, to 3D-printed patterns that revolutionized a new era of haute couture fashion. Digital fashion also became more mainstream last year with brands using avatars to promote collections.

Today, more and more people are getting gadgets that match their style and overall aesthetic. In this tech-driven world, it’s important to have one with powerful specs, reliable features and a versatile design with eye-catching colorways. A device that’s created some buzz recently is the vivo V23 Series 5G, which is the first color-changing vlogging phone in the market.

It’s made with a Photochromic design, which shifts the case’s hue from Sunshine Gold to Coast Green and Stardust Black to a dazzling blue when exposed to UV light. This game-changing feature makes the V23 Series 5G stand out among other smartphones, and also lets users express themselves by matching their OOTDs with the device.

Here’s how some personalities are styling their looks with the V23 Series 5G.

Maine Mendoza


Actress Maine Mendoza is used to switching up her looks from fun casuals during press cons to an elegant gown for red carpet events. She completes her looks with the V23 Series 5G’s versatile Photochromic design. The Sunshine Gold and Coast Green hues certainly suit her glitzy and colorful outfits when she’s on the go.

Shaira Luna


Photographer Shaira Luna is not afraid to experiment with her outfits. One look at her feed and you’ll see her wearing anything from cool neutrals to loud colors and prints – all thrifted from her favorite ukay-ukays. Similar to the V23 Series 5G, her unique vintage fashion is constantly changing, perfect for any occasion.


Verniece Enciso


To go with her shimmery bronze dress, Verniece Enciso paired it with a simple necklace and the warm gold color of the V23 Series 5G. She also personalized the case with her initials using a UV penlight.


                 Jaz Reyes


Jaz Reyes also loves colorful and quirky fashion. And on the best days, she matches outfits with her adorable corgi, like this pink top accessorized with oversized shades and a gold and black scarf. She also turned her V23 Series 5G into a stylish accessory as she did stenciled out a Photochromic portrait on the case.


Ayn Bernos


Beauty queen and entrepreneur Ayn Bernos often wears neutrals, especially when she’s attending to her self-made business. She makes her outfits stand out more by interchanging the shimmery Sunshine Gold and soothing Coast Green hues. She also uses the V23 Series 5G to create quick vlogs and give her followers a behind-the-scenes look at her day.


Claudine Co


Yes, the V23 Series 5G does go well with prints. Claudine Co was out and about in a plain white top and purple skirt with pink and orange floral prints.Her mirror selfie stood out even more thanks to the Sunshine Gold case.


Dora Cry Baby


As he prepares for face-to-face classes in law school, Dora Cry Baby is ready to use his V23 Series 5G for various apps, documenting memories, and accessorizing his business casual OOTDs. He also added hearts on the case for a fun new look.

No matter what the trends are in, the V23 Series 5G can easily jive with it thanks to its game-changing Photochromic design. The device can also make OOTDs look even better through its crystal-clear 50MP Autofocus Front Vlog Camera and 64MP Rear Bokeh Portrait Camera. Overall, the V23 Series 5G is the new fashionable “it” phone that can complement any style and cater to every content creator’s needs.

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