Monday, December 20, 2021

Double the Support in Nurturing Your Child’s Creativity at Home

If there is one common passion that my first born Bianca and I enjoy a lot, it would be playing the guitar. As early as six years old, I see the potential that she can do well in playing this instrument. I am glad that somehow I know and was able to teach her some basic guitar chords.

Adjusting to the new norm of learning these times is realy hard. When Bianca was too busy with online class, having some hobbies like playing a guitar and sing to unwind is important.

I believe that every child is born with a gift, and it's the task of every parent to nurture this gift and help the child reach their full potential. An important but sometimes overlooked way to help your child nurture the gift is to ensure they don’t get sick, and this requires giving their immunity a boost. How exactly does immunity contribute to creative gifts? It’s simple; fewer sick days means more opportunities to learn new guitar chords or practice a new song.

Let me share with you five ways you can support the development of your child's gifts, and why you shouldn’t neglect supporting your child’s immunity.

Use everything you have in the house

At the top of the list is maximizing your home environment to increase opportunities for creativity. Dust off old clothes and turn them into costumes, use old blankets as theater curtains, and stuffed toys forgotten inside the toy box can be their audience. Appliance boxes or delivery packages can become pets, hideouts, getaway cars, and more.

Aside from playing a guitar, Bianca also loves to draw and paint.

Have plenty of paint, pens, and craft items accessible to your child. You don't need to spend a lot to encourage creativity. Playing with everyday things you find at home helps not just to support their natural gifts, but also adds a dash of creativity and helps them realize that anything can be repurposed.

Give them creative nooks

Since they still can’t always go to parks, museums, and dance studios, create creative nooks at home. Have one in your child's bedroom, another in the living room, and another in the dining room if possible. These nooks don't have to be elaborate; they can simply hold creative supplies. It can even be a small corner beside the bed with a towel or bedsheet as a divider from the rest of the room! If you have yard space, let your child take out their toys and art materials. Just the feeling of “going into my nook” can spark their imagination and encourage creativity. 

Allot time for unstructured play

Although children thrive on routines, it's also essential to set aside time for unstructured play. This is because creativity often sparks and doubles when children have quiet time alone. Creativity needs room to breathe. So if 5 days a week they follow a schedule, maybe twice a week just dump a box of random toys in front of them, or maybe play a different album from a completely different genre than they’re used to, or read a book that’s not their usual go-to.

Ask thought-provoking questions… and act on their answers

Children often want to share their ideas, and it's essential for their creative development to feel heard. Ask questions like, "What are different ways to do this?" or "What do you think will happen if…?" Most importantly, however don’t shoot down their ideas.

If they say they want to turn an old cardboard box into a plane, volunteer to be their co-pilot. Start your own punk band if that’s the genre they say interests them most today.

Give your child a daily glass of the new and best-ever* PROMIL® FOUR NutriGift System™

Bianca when she was 3 years old.

Still, the most important aspect of nurturing your child's gift is keeping them healthy so they have the strength and energy to focus on being creative. Learning an instrument, starring in their own play - nurturing a gift takes lots of time, effort, and support. What starts out as something they just seem to be good at will have to become a daily commitment on the road to fulfilling their potential. They will definitely need a daily glass of the new and best-ever* PROMIL® FOUR. 

It now has the NutriGift System™ with MOS+ (Milk Oligosaccharides), the not-so-secret ingredient for doubling your child's immunity. It helps support growth by improving calcium absorption. 

Besides MOS+, the new reformulation contains 4x higher DHA levels versus previous formulation, contributing to overall brain growth or mental development, and 37 other mind and body nutrients, like Selenium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and more. 

All these essential nutrients work together to double up your child's immunity for more healthy days and more opportunities to nurture the gift. 

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If you see some potentials on your child, whether it could be in singing, dancing, drawing or playing an instrument, time is really important. I know that we are all busy with our lives, but as a parent, we should need to show our support and value the effort that our child is going through. It feels great when you see your child enjoying and and doing something ( like guitat palying) well.

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