Friday, March 5, 2021

Surviving the First Semester of Online Class

My first and second born are both in high school now. Somehow, they are getting used into this new norm way of learning. And yes, we survived the first semester but it was never that easy.  There are lots of problem and struggles we encounter during online class to mention the internet connection interruptions, difficulty in answering some of the modules and some activities, deadlines and even the limited space we have at home. Good thing, my children would always look for possible ways on how they can resolve these problems. I would also like to commend the QC Government for lending student tablets and giving them free load every month (10GB) that they can used for their online class. It was really a big help for them. 
I have learned to some of my ka-nanay (fellow moms) that their child gave up this school year. The main reason was the too much pressure that they are getting with this new norm of learning and I was saddened when I heard that. Some of them decided to take up ALS or Alternative Learning System. I hope that this pandemic will end soon, if you would asked me, I would still want to have a face to face class "IF" we are all safe from Covid.

Listed down some ways on how to help your child during  their online class. These are the things that I do to help my children with this new norm of learning.

1. Support and Monitoring. I must admit that when the school started last October, I wasn't able to focus on them because I gave birth last September. I have this guilt feeling of not able to help them during these times. Always give your support to your child and ask them of their needs, so we know how we can help them. 

2. Know their schedule and weekly activities. One of our duties as parents is to know if our child is attending their synchronous and asynchronous class. Also to know the activities that they need to do. 

3. Time Management. Sometimes, I observed that my children are pressured by the deadlines of submitting modules plus other activities. In this situation you will know if a child is responsible and independent enough, if they can manage these on their own. And if not, let's do our part  as parents to help them. Teach them to do a weekly check-list so that they would learn how to manage their time properly.

4. Take a break and eat. Yes, they need a break too. Let them do the things that they love to do. Don't pressure our child with the "to do this and do that"!! Like for my first born, she loves to play guitar and I think this is her way to recharge from all the pressure and hard work. Also, always make sure to prepare a snack when they are having synchronous and asynchronous class. 

5. Get involved and ask. It is also our responsibility as parent to know the school status of our child. You may ask their teachers if you feel that there's a problem or need to do about your child. I also observed that some kids are confidently enough to express themselves during synchronous class and some are a little too shy about it. Better to know if they can able to follow, get along and engage during their class. 

6. Enjoy. Let our child enjoy this new norm of learning. If your child excel before (when there is face to face class) and not this time (distance learning), do not pressure them to give us high grades. It will only lead to stress or anxiety and we don't want that to happen. Just let them enjoy by learning at home.

Make your own microscope is fun, have you tried this at home?

Because Covid-19 is still around us, we really can't tell if we can go forward and until when this situation will be. For now, let's look for possible ways on how we can help our children with this new school set up.

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