Wednesday, October 2, 2019

ToppSTar TV Season 2

For Moms and Dads, I guess you would agree that developing your child's talent begins at home. When I learn about my daughter's interest in playing a guitar, I feel happy and it was an advantage for me since I know how to play a guitar. But, teaching my child how to play it was never that easy. Even though she sees me playing it at home, still, it took us about a year when she was able to learn properly how to play it. It requires patience (for both of us) and a lot of "practice". And I'm glad and proud that today, she knows how to play a guitar well. 
Recently, I attended the ToppsTar TV Season 2 Blogcon. I was amazed to meet these new group of talented kids, for sure their parents are so proud of them. For kids and kid-at-heart, the fun continues for Kapuso viewers as GMA Network and Rebisco Topps Sarap bring back the musical-variety program starting this October 5, every Saturday morning, Toppstar TV featuring the cute and talented Toppstar Kids.

The event was hosted by Chariz Solomom
The second season is back with as twice the excitement, laughter and performances as the Toppstar batch 1 kids welcome a new breed of kiddie stars on the show.

The kids, who were chosen from Rebisco’s on-ground talent search all over the Philippines, will come together to showcase their skills in singing, dancing and hosting to bring out the “topps” in every kid. This new and exciting show is divided into three segments; 

the Toppstar Performance showcases the kids’ talent in singing and dancing;
the Toppstar Games allows the kids to play while learning new skills;
the Toppstar Laughs lets kids have fun showing their comedic talents while learning wholesome jokes, and the on-cam conversations in-between that hone the kids’ talents in hosting and interview.

To complement the Saturday morning episodes, Topps Sarap will mount school tours across Metro Manila. Video snippets of these visits will be featured on the show.
We had the chance to play along with these talented kids during the event. We play and won the puzzle game.YEHEY!!
Make Saturdays twice as fun with Topps Sarap Toppstar TV Season 2.
Starts October 5, from 9:15 to 9:45 AM on GMA, and with replays every Sunday at 5:00 to 5:30 PM on GMA News TV.. Congrats to these new breed of talented kids and congrats to their supportive parents as well.

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