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Eton International School in CCP

In a recent event that I attended, Eton International School shared their learning style. Some mommy bloggers and I took an #MyLearningStyle assessment, a test that ETON use to their students to determine if we are an analytical or global type of person. Accordingly, analytical person usually or most of the time have goals or objectives, things need to be done the way they want it, they usually have checklists. Analytical are perfectionist and organized, they like working in cold temperature and can finish a work in one sitting.

While global are relax, can easily adopt to different environment, creative, artistic, talented, can multitask or do things at a time especially for millennials. While most of the guests are analytical, I was happy to found out the result  saying that I'm both analytical and global๐Ÿ˜Š. And I agree with that because there are "qualities" that I can be analytical and sometimes global type of person. Analytical because as a Mom I always want and make sure that everything is organized. Global that I can multitask and talented in a way that I can play a guitar,yay!!!๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

Manila Bay sunset Cruise
Eton International School
Eton International School-CCP stands proudly amongst landmark structures—the Folk Arts Theatre in its north, the Coconut Palace on the east and bordered in the south by the Manila Bay, world-renowned for its spectacular sunrise and glorious sunsets.

The second assessment or exercise we had determined as of what type of leader are we by answering two questions;
1 if you are a formal or informal kind of person;
2 if you are dominant or goes with a flow kind of person.
The answer will determine if you are a Controller, Supporter, Promoter or Analytic type of leaders.

Formal + Dominant  = Controller
Informal + Dominant = Supporter 
Formal+ Goes with the flow = Promoter 
Informal + Goes with the Flow = Analytic

Accordingly, a Controller person is someone who wants things done on their way while Supporter is relax-person, he or she does things with a heart. Promoter are sociable while Analytic are detailed-oriented person. It is an interesting, interacting and  fun afternoon assessment and I learn a lot. You too can try to assess yourself or someone in mind in the second exercise.

It made me realize that knowing as what type of person you are, you will understand that people have different personalities and this will help you on how you can deal and communicate with others. And this kind of assessment is being used in ETON to determine if the child is analytical or global so that they can customized a special learning program, teaching styles and needs to support each of their students.

Ms. Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino, Eton International School Directress.

ETON is the school of the future where learning happens beyond the four walls of the classrooms. It is a place where kids will feel safe to learn, grow and multiply their talents exponentially,” said Ms. Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino, Eton International School Directress.

“What sets ETON apart is how we nurture the leadership potential in each child. Our mantra is every child is a leader and every child can be a hero waiting to be unleashed. We take time out to know about the child’s strength and weaknesses so that we can match our teaching style to our students’ learning style. This allows the students to learn, faster, better and higher. Eton International family culture allows students to grow and create better relationships in their family and community. It only takes love to break all barriers in the mind, heart and soul. With our multiple local and international programs, each child is given the chance to find his gifts, strengthen their resiliency and build their confidence,” Tolentino adds.

Eton’s motto is Artes (Heart), Scientia (Mind) and Intelligentia(Will or Spirit).

Tolentino further explained that the Eton school philosophy is that “Every child is born with Royal Dignity. We believe the gifts and calling of each child is irrevocable. A child’s worth is built in. It is our mission to open their mind to possibilities, strengthen their competency and skills and inculcate values that will set them for life,” she adds.

ETON has created three pioneering programs—the Center for the Talented and Gifted for the pre-schoolers; Center for Leadership and Performing Arts for grade school and Center for Technology and Innovation for high school.

“Every child is nurtured to inspire, to innovate and to lead a life in honor of God and service to humanity. Every Etonian leads with humility, courage and heart,” Tolentino said.

Eton prides itself of its small class size that allows them to focus on the development of each child’s multiple intelligence especially in the crucial foundation years. Tolentino describes this as strengthening their roots to allow the children to be resilient as they grow and bloom and ready to conquer the world.

* LEADERSHIP PROGRAM - Eton provides learning adventures that are life changing. The students are taught to focus on developing their faith in God, self, family and others through self mastery, experiential mastery and life mastery here in the Philippines and abroad.

* LANGUAGE PROGRAM - Eton nurtures the gift not just of one language but three—English, Filipino and Mandarin. The students may also have an elective in French and other languages. – I SPEAK

* EARTH SAVERS PROGRAM - Eton leads the community to take care of the environment through our ECO Savers Program. - I CARE

* ARTS AND CULTURE PROGRAM – Eton promotes Philippine arts and culture from visual arts to performing arts through various exhibitions and cultural activities. - I CREATE

* DEVELOPMENTAL AND ACCELERATION PROGRAM – Eton provides multiple ways to Iearnfrom modular program to hands-on learning .- ILEARN

* ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM - Eton believes in teaching financial and wealth program at an early age through our various business start-up cases. IBUILD

* RECREATION AND CELEBRATION PROGRAM – Eton promotes local and international sports and wellness program - I EXPLORE

* STEM PROGRAM- Eton’s Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) program has given the Eton students a remarkable edge in this space. “Our global affiliations range from TOFEL to Lego Robotics to International Learning Styles AndMultiple Intelligence. Our program is used in UK, Asia and US,” Tolentino proudly said. – I SOLVE

* HOLISTIC PROGRAM- Eton sets three goals in every school year for students to learn and grow with from subject goals. These could be in arts, language, geography, history, ICT, language, math, music, PE, Science, society and technology); Personal goals ( enquiry resilience morality communication thoughtfulness cooperation respect and adaptability):& Internationalization goals ( local and international collaboration and cooperation.) Students are exposed to different opportunities to grow with their counterparts worldwide through internationalcompetition and fieldwork. – I PRAY

* INTERNATIONAL IMMERSION PROGRAM –Eton has international curriculum linkages that allow our students to easily be accepted abroad. - I CONNECT

* PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM – Eton has confidence building program that allows students to know their strengths and develop their talents at a faster rate through learning styles multiple intelligence and other personality development programs. - I LOVE

ETON International School is proud not just of the achievements of current students but, most especially, their graduates.

“The achievements of our current students and our alumni inspire us to provide world-class education to Eton students. If we want our children to be future-ready and globally competitive, we are certain that an Eton education could prepare them for that,” Tolentino said.

Aside from the newly-inaugurated ETON International School-CCP, ETON has another branch near Rockwell located at 6075 Palma St., Poblacion, Makati City which caters to students from the south of the metropolis.

Another is Eton Global Institute that caters senior high school, collegiate, professionals, for culinary and hospitality programs located at 1633 Makiling St, Sampaloc, Manila near the Chinese General Hospital.

“We are very proud of the kind of leaders Eton has nurtured for the past 15 years. The unique brand of Eton education has allowed our students to conquer the world. We dream of bringing Eton Education to as many cities in the country and partner with the best and brightest in the world,” Tolentino adds.

with @Livingmarjorney
Eton International School also took us to an hour cruise in Manila Bay to catch the sunset. Thank you Eton International School for the wonderful and fun experience, much appreciated!! As they say, "sunset is a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate all the great things the sun gives us", be happy always and learn to appreciate God's blessing.❤

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