Tuesday, June 12, 2018

MOTIVATE! 8 Secrets of Successful Parenting

Taking care of children is one of the best life experiences one can ever have. For mothers and fathers, it becomes even self-fulfilling when they see their sons and daughters grow up to become better and successful persons through their own way of bringing them up. But if you are a parent, do you know how to properly shape the character of your children according to your ideals? How would you know if your style of raising kids is right or enough? 

In case you are wondering, then it's time to read one of the best self-help books on parenting: MOTIVATE! 8 Secrets of Successful Parenting.

MOTIVATE! 8 Secrets of Successful Parenting is the latest national bestseller from OMF Literature, Inc. with more than 10,000 copies sold within the first five months of its release. The best thing about MOTIVATE is its authors, the husband-and-wife team of Peter and Deonna Tan-Chi.

There's a saying that experience is the best teacher and the Tan-Chis have enough of that they shared through MOTIVATE! They have been happily married for over 40 years, and have five children and 18 grandchildren. The book is a culmination of decades of love, practical parenting and solid biblical values. In the introduction, the couple state: “We have waited forty years to write this book. We have tested the principles before writing . . . and we have living examples of how they work in our children.”

Dr. Peter Tan-Chi is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Christ’s Commission Fellowship, a non-denominational church. He also founded The Masters Academy, the first homeschool program in the country accredited by the Department of Education.

Deonna Tan-Chi is another pioneer in the realm of homeschooling in the Philippines. She is also a conference speaker, experienced counselor for women, and Bible teacher. 

MOTIVATE! has received glowing reviews from various authors, spiritual leaders and ministers who have witnessed the Tan-Chi couple in ministry and with their family. According to Edmund Chan, Founder of the Global Alliance of Intentional Disciplemaking Churches, “Whenever I am asked to recommend an expert on parenting, I’ve always pointed to Pastor Peter and Deonna Tan-Chi.”

The Secretary-General of the World Evangelical Alliance, Bishop Efraim Tendero, says that the book is “highly readable, enlivened by personal anecdotes and by testimony. A valuable tool.” 

Well-known speaker, author and Bible teacher, Dr. Harold J. Sala, declares, “I endorse this valuable resource without hesitation!” 

MOTIVATE! 8 Secrets of Successful Parenting promises to be a helpful companion in quality parenting. The book is available at National Bookstore, OMF Lit Bookshop, Passages, PCBS, and other leading bookstores nationwide for P350. The book can also be ordered online through www.passagesbooks.com.

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