Monday, November 20, 2017

Hortikultura Filipina 2018: Philippine Endemic, Indigenous and Hybrid plants from February 2-12, 2018

What type of plants do you like most? When I was young, I remember my grandmother who loved to collect orchids. I guess I inherited my love for plants from her. Eventhough I have limited space at home, I still love to collect plants like orchid. I also have onion, sili, ginger, eggplant and papaya. I also tried to have cactus/succulent plant before unfortunately, the plant didn't last long. 

In a recent talk that I attended held at Tropical Garden Area of Quezon City Circle, headed by the members of the Philippine Horticultural Society Inc.,I learned many ways on how to properly take care of plants in particular the succulent plants and cactus. Accordingly, the most problem with succulent plant is that they are so pretty and nice, most of the time we just wanted  them to put inside the house. Unfortunately, when we put them inside the house, they get less sunlight that they need. Also, most of the time, the soil that we usually buy for this types of plants "commercially" is not okay for them. So if you want to keep your succulent plant for a long duration, you need to give them a good soil. When watering succulent/cactus, it should drain very well meaning when you pour the water on the plant  it should pass through the entire media, not just on top or side of the pot. And make sure that when you water the soil it should have enough water for the plant to take in for the next 2-3 days and it will dry out within a week or two. Accordingly, succulent hates wet feet. These are just some of the things that I learned from the talk.

The Philippine Holticulture Society Inc. together with the Quezon City Government and several plant society will be hosting the Hortikultura Filipina 2018:  Philippine Endemic, Indigenous and Hybrid plants from February 2-12, 2018. 

We also had a healthy meryenda prepared by Ms. Baby de Leon. We had Pancit Puti with Kamias and Wansuy, Banana Blossom, Tempura Turon with Macapuno, Kamote Iced Tea and Hibiscus/Gumamela Tea. 😋😋

Hortikultura 2018: Event Highlights

* There will be a PHSI Group landscape executed by the members of the PHSI together with the students of the Landscape Architectural course of the University of the Philippines that will happen at the Rock Garden of the Quezon Memorial Circle.

*There will also be international fair and corporate landscape. Tropical Garden will be the area for the landscape and around 22 participants are buying for the best tropical landscape for 2018.

* There will also be an Edible Food Landscape. There will be an exhibit and competition for edible landscape where they will be using vegetables and herbs,there will be more or less 10 participants.

* There will also be a Ornamental Potted Plants Competition which includes 13 categories like the cactus, succulent, orchids, native plants and more. There will also be a Bonsai Exhibit and competition.

* Cactus/Succulent and Ornamental Garden Exhibit and Competition.

* Floral Arrangement Competition

* Activites with Guhit Pilipinas. There will also be a photo exhibit of Philippine Orchids exhibited by Dr. Miguel de Leon of Cagayan de Oro City.

* Terrarium Exhibit and Competition

* There will be a daily workshops and lectures headed by the PHSI  together with affiliate organizations Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Agriculture and Bureau of Plant Industry. The PHSI is also planning to hold an acustic night, street dance and daily raffles at Quezon City Circle, a place in Manila with big and beautiful garden. For more updates, visit and join the group Hortikultura 2018 on Facebook.

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