Monday, October 9, 2017

Part 2: The RGP and DJ Stent, In Vitro GFR and Pyeloplasty

Last week of August was the longest time for me. After we found out about my condition, we had a family meeting. Since I was diagnosed with "severe" Hydroneprosis because of the so called "UPjxn obstruction" ~my family decided to bring me to the Hospital for the needed surgery.

The RGP and DJ Stent

I was confined Friday night at Victor R. Potenciano Medical Hospital. The usual procedure, had xrays, CBC and ECG for clearances before the surgery. Saturday 2pm was my schedule for surgery. I was under general anesthesia, so I was asleep and feeling nothing during the surgery. The only thing I recall was when I woke up, I was already at the post operating room with a nurse beside me. I was feeling very weak and shivering so I requested for another blanket. .I know that there is something being put inside my body. The only thing that you can do during this times was to pray, that God will guide me, always beside me and to heal me soon. Sunday, I had the go signal that I can go home.
What is Stent?

Stent is a thin tube placed inside the ureter. The purpose of it was to be able to ensure the drainage of the urine from the kidney into the bladder. It was more than a month now that I have a stent. More likely will stay for 6 months according to my Doctor. Now, I'm back to my normal errands, I can manage to do household chores but avoid lifting heavy things. The only doctor's advice was to drink a lot of water, no medicines in take.

Sorry for the photo, but this is what a stent looks like.

In Vitro GFR/Glomerular Filtration Rate 

I was scheduled the last week of September (birthday of my daughter) for In vitro GFR ( Renal Scintigraphy ),a test to measure if my right kidney is still functioning well. The test was done at the Nuclear Medicine Department of the Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center (Price: 3,600pesos) . They told me to drink 500ml of water  before the procedure.  Also advised to have creatinine test and to bring all my medical records, my ultrasound, CT Stonogram. This is the In Vitro GFR looks like a CT Scan...

They explained to me that the test will evaluate the function status of my kidney. And that they will need to inject a intravenous injection as part of the imaging of my kidney. The procedure lasted about 7minutes. I actually don't feel anything during the procedure but I considered it the most scariest/challenging part of my life just like when I had the CT Stonogram. I was inside the room with 2 medical technologies, I was shaking because of fear of what will be the result of it. After an hour, they extracted a blood sample from me and another one after 2 hours.

The next day was the result of the said test and also my follow up check up. I was with my mom, hoping and praying for a good result. When I got the result, read them all but still don't understand because of all those medical terms. Towards the end part of it, there is a term "normal". Somehow gave me so much hope that it is a good result.

Finally, my turn for check up. The Doctor said that my right kidney still function well. Thank God! The kidney was saved by the RGP and DJ stent. "Naagapan" or was able to prevent as the Doctor described it, I was so greatful that God answered all my prayers.

Next year, March, I will undergo another surgery called pyeloplasty . It is a surgical reconstruction of renal pevis (part of the kidney) to relieve the ureto-pelvic junction obstruction. Again, this condition is congenital, nothing to do with kidney stones as I first thought. A condition that I only discovered after 33 years. All my worries have gone because I know I have God always beside me. 

Realization: God hears you when you pray, he answer you when you call, he always want to talk to you, just faithfully talk to him and worship him.

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