Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Family Day 2017 and some Tips to a Long Lasting Relationship

Thankfully, I have enough strength to attend a school event few weeks ago - Family Day. Its been more than a month after my surgery and I'm feeling better each and everyday. My daughter is in Grade 6 while son is in Grade 4. Family Day is a yearly activity in school and my kids are always looking forward to this celebration. The only thing I missed during the #FamilyDay, I was not able to join some activities for parents because of my condition. But somehow I'm happy, I got to see the students and teacher's performances. More importantly,  I was able to be there with my family.

I'm blessed to have a family who were there during the most challenging days of my life. I realized when one member of the family is sick, family members also suffer. That the "in sickness and in health" wedding vow is truly tested. One of the hardest part was the first week after my surgery, I felt like hopeless that I cannot take care of my kids. To tell you the truth, for a short period of time, I was feeling frustrated especially when I found out that I need to undergo two surgery because of my condition. But, because family is always there to support and take care of me, I was able to surpass that negative feeling.

Now, I can manage to do some household chores like cooking, cleaning the house with the help of my kids, wash the dishes ,except for one thing ~ wash the clothes. Even before my surgery, hubby will always help me with the laundry and I'm very thankful about that. But you know what? It is hubby who is more meticulous when it comes to washing our clothes. He prefers hand wash than using the washing machine. Hand washing for him, he can make sure that the clothes are clean.  And I agree, I noticed especially with whites are whiter when hand wash.

With hand wash, you do not just save water, electricity but also spent less with laundry detergent. Nakapag-exercise ka pa!!! Because of that, I can easily provide a budget for Fabric Conditioner. We've been using Del Forever Love and Joy Fabric Softener, the violet one (Del Forever Joy) is our favorite. I guess you won't believe me unless you try ~ it has 15x longer lasting bangooooo vs a regular detergent brand based on consumer test in Metro Manila. Budget-friendly, for only 4 pesos clothes are mabango and helps me from frequent ironing that may cause damages to our clothes. Have you seen the #TeamKramer Del Forever "Haberday" TVC?

Hubby and I have been together for 11 years now. And just like any relationship, our isn't perfect. We are not always a" happy couple", there are lot of challenges that came and will come in our way.  But I guess, as long as there is love,trust,respect,contentment,and security ~we can get through all of these challenges. Just a little advice from someone like me who is married for 11 years, before you commit yourself to someone, you should love yourself first. And when you found the "right one", you should accept your partner wholeheartedly. You will soon discover his/her good and bad side~ you just need to accept it and I guess both of you will grow despite your differences. Go out and Spent time with the family like the Family Day ❤. Let God be the center of your relationship, because the perfect love comes from God. 

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