Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Part1: When I found out this kind of sickness

Finally, I got the time and courage to share what I've been through for the past 3 months. I know that when I started this blog, part of my life will be going to be an "open read" to everyone. I'm sharing this to help people who might be going through the same situation that I'm experiencing at the moment.

The past 2 years, I noticed that I was having recurrent UTIs (Urinary tract infection) and flank pain. About 2 months ago, went to Philippine Medical Association for check up. I was diagnosed with Urinary Tract Infection and so the Doctor prescribed Ciprofloxacin for 1week. After a week, I went to PMA again for followup's, and still I have UTI.  I ask the Doctor to give me a request for ultrasound. Early morning,  the following day, I went to Sta.Theresita General Hospital for ultrasound, I know that they offer the cheapest ultrasound in Quezon City. I had the what they called "Genito-Urinary Tract Sonography "( 400 pesos) and I heard something from the lady who examined me saying like " Hydro". So, I waited for a few more minutes for the result and found out that it was "Hydronephrosis" right and the comment was " for CT Stonogram". I immediately messaged the result to my sister since she is a nurse and will better undestand those medical "thing". And I also research about it, my sister and I thought that it was something like kidney stones but it was not.

Lunch time, I immediately went to my doctor at PMA . And the doctor said that I need to have CT Stonogram soonest. She explain that there is a failure of normal drainage of the urine from my kidney to ureter. And that I need to have CT Stonogram urgent to be able to know the cause of it. The doctor didn't gave me medicines or possible medications about it. She just suggested to go a urologist once I have my CT Stonogram. So I just went home feeling very weak and afraid about this.

The second to third week of August was the hardest month for me. I was having terrible flank pain, if  I can rate it from 1-10, it was 9. And yet, I don't  have any medicines.

So, I look for possible Hospital or clinic where I can have my CT Stonogram. And I discovered through a friendly kapitbahay iScan Diagnostic Center. The Ct Stonogram in other Hospitals/Clinics ranges from 8000-12,000pesos. In IScan, my CT Stonogram (Plain) was 4000pesos. There is no preparation for the plain CT Stonogram, I was just ask to drink a lot of water so my bladder will be full enough for me to pee. When it was my turn, I was feeling nervous at same time cold in that room. The procedure was just like an xray, where you will lie in the bed with a big machine and the medical technology will ask you to hold your breath for a seconds (about 2 times) and your done. I had my CT Stonogram on Friday, I got the result Monday.
Located at 86B Malakas St.,Quezon City

I went to Fort Bonifacio Army Hospital, my sister suggested Dr.Cabatingan Jr., a urologist. My life has changed when I was diagnosed with " uretero-pelvic conjunction obstruction with severe hydronephrosis" (right side of my kidney). Medications are "Urgent Cystoscopy with RGP and DJ Stenting" and monitoring if my right kidney still function and if not, they will remove my right kidney. The doctor said that this is a congenital disorder/abnormality and not the kidney stones that I was thinking of. I  thought I was the bravest among my siblings but I was not. Now, I don't want to be alone.

I had surgery last month at Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center, the what they called "cystoscopy with RGP and DJ stenting". I'm feeling better right now with a stent inside my body and praying that my right kidney still function well.

Next post I will be sharing what is stent, the stent procedure and the In vitro GFR, a test that will measure how well my kidney works. Again, I'm sharing this to help people who might be going through the same situation that I'm going through at the moment. If you are feeling the same (flank pain,UTIs)~better to consult your Doctor asap.

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