Friday, July 7, 2017


YouTube and music senasation Donnalyn Bartolome endorses White Flower, continuing as the brand’s active ambassadress. “I’m so happy and grateful to be working with White Flower Embrocation, the No. 1 embrocation in the country. Over the past 90 years, White Flower has become a household name, bringing soothing relief to the many Filipinos. My grandmother and mother used it all the time, and so now, nakasanayan ko na rin gamitin palagi. It’s the most potent, effective and soothing liniment I’ve ever tried in my life And you know it’s true because it is patronized by many, even until today,” shares Donnalyn, the young star who rose to fame because of her adorable youtube video “Gwiyomi” and her smash hit, “Kakaibabe.” 

“What I love about White Flower is that it’s such a powerful handy tool, especially at work. It has become my trusted go-to for a soothing relief from headaches, colds, and stress. The potent formula has remained unchanged throughout the years, which is impressive! So White Flower has become a trusted friend by the many Filipinos of different generations,” shares Donnalyn. 

“That’s why I use it whenever I feel unwell. And I keep it handy with me wherever I go kasi you know na, with all the hectic schedules at work, I’m sure I’ll be reaching out for the nearest White Flower bottle I can find. White Flower is like my security blanket, I must say.” 

 “It’s been truly humbling to see how much White Flower Embrocation has become an integral part of the Filipinos’ everyday life, so much so that it has been passed on to the next generations since 1927. And as White Flower grows into a new chapter, we see that Donnalyn becomes an excellent ambassadress to represent our brand, because she’s an empowered millennial who seeks the best in life. While she and others her age are inclined to experiment and explore, they also appreciate the value of trusted, quality products that really deliver their promise,” shares Mitch Lao of JELMA Philippines Inc. the official and exclusive distributor of White Flower in the Philippines.  “White Flower has been able to gain the loyalty of its patrons – from the matured adults to the young adults - because it has always been consistent in its quality and in delivering on its promise of soothing relief,” 

Her brother James adds, “Millennials are driven and hardworking in their own way. And despite the challenges that they come across in their journey, they fully embrace them and find ways to get through them. For many like Donnalyn, White Flower has become their ‘partner’ in success, offering comfort and relief in their everyday lives.” Thanks to its soothing blend of essential oils that consists of eucalyptus, lavender, menthol and camphor, White Flower has become the most trusted liniment of the many Filipinos. With just 2 to 3 drops of the product, you can immediately discover wellness and relaxation in a bottle!

White Flower is the tried-and-tested embrocation that gives us the luxury of timeless relief. 

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