Thursday, June 8, 2017

#BackToSchoolPreparations and #BackToSchool finds at National Book Store

Its back to school once again. My son Euki is in grade 4 while Bianca is in Grade 6. What I'm excited about this year is that my first born will be moving up to High school. But before that, what are your #BackToSchool preparations Moms? Here, I listed down things that I do for the coming school.

1. Because Bianca and Euki's schedule for school is 6am to 12 (morning class), I'm starting to train them to sleep early. I also encourage them to wake up on their own by using an alarm clock. In this little way, on their own, they will know their responsibilities and the value of time.

2. School Uniform. I always make sure that I already prepare my kids school uniform for Monday-Friday. I also take into consideration to use again last year's uniform as long as the fabric is still good and still fits for the child. Moms can also save money for that.

3. Visit the school. We always visit the school a week before the opening. The reason, we are looking for their rooms so that we know where to go on the first day of school and for the kids to familiarize. Also to know their schedule.

4. School Materials. From notebooks, papers, ballpens, coloring materials, this year school supply, I got at National BookStore. Eversince, I always opted to have school supplies at National because of one reason -Quality. There are also budget-friendly items like the BestBuy products,much cheaper and will surely fits your budget. But before you go on shopping, make sure that you list down the things that you need to buy to prevent over-buying.

Ate Bianca top pick is this HBW Oil pastel for her coloring.

Cute Spiral Notebooks

Composition Notebooks for my Grade 4.

For this year, my #Bestfind at National BookStore is this MSA High School Entrance Exam and NAT Reviewer. A book that is very useful for my Grade 6 who will take the NAT exam soon. Price is 225 pesos.

I also got a Crayola, Water Color,Manila Paper, Colored Paper, Plastic Cover, Scotch Tape, mostly, the basic needs of my children. #BackToSchoolwithNBS is really fun and easy ☺. Brings back memories during High School and college days. How about you Mom, what are  your #BackToSchool preparations and #BackToSchool finds? ☺

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