Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio first book "Better than Jewels"

Last summer, my sister enrolled my children at the Daily Vacation Bible School in Grace Christian Church. It was a five-days, 5 hour bible class. we were excited that time and I even joined the DVBS parent class. Together with Christian Moms, we read the bible, reflect, we even had some "Me-Time" like spa and bracelet making as part of the class activity and my favorite part of it was when we were sharing about parenting, I learned so many things, something that I found very useful for me until now.

Recently, I was invited at the book launch of Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio Better Than Jewels held at Tobby Estate, Greenhills. I felt once again being embraced by the Christian family. I grew up knowing Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio as part of the Ang TV, T.G.I.S and Gimik. I can still remember her as part of the OkaTokat cast of ABS-CBN, my favorite paranormal drama before. I have known her and  seen her grow up on the small and big screen as an actress. We saw how her life turned around and was transformed by the love of Christ. Now, Rica has come to another milestone in her life as she launches her first book, Better than Jewels, a weekly devotional published by OMF Literature.

In Better than Jewels, Rica shares her reflections and insights on God’s Word as it applies to the
everyday life. She covers a range of topics close to her heart — the joys and trials of motherhood,
generosity and gratitude, love and sacrifice, friendship, and the hard lessons from her own past.

The event was hosted by Donita Rose

Each month has a theme, divided into weekly entries with application questions and a blank page
where you can write down your own thoughts. The themes include:

How to love, which talks about the love that God showed us and called us to do the same to others.
Jesus and… explores the different friendships and relationships Jesus had when He walked on
this earth as a man.

Devoted is all about how followers of Christ can look at our country’s leaders and government.

Wind Beneath Mom’s Wings is a whole chapter dedicated to motherhood — about Rica’s own
experience when she became a mother, as well as the different mothers in the Bible.

For the chapter Know the Father, Rica invited her husband, Joseph, to write and share his reflections on the Holy Father, and earthly fatherhood.

Why the Word is all about the Bible, how it has the power to change everybody’s lives.

In The Purpose of Our Past, Rica focuses on the story of the bleeding woman who touched the
hem of Jesus’ robe and was healed, and how it relates to her own story. This is my favorite part of her book.

"And so if you feel terrible about your past, let me tell you that even the ugliest moments of our lives, no matter how dark they may be, happened for a purpose. God, in His grace and mercy, uses the consequences of our sins to lead us back to Him. He who wears the robe that we've touched, is more than able to free us from a lifelong of bleeding!" -- Rica

Better than Jewels by Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio is available for P425, in all OMF Literature and Passages, bookshops nationwide, PCBS, National Bookstore branches, and online at www.passagesbooks.com.

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