Monday, January 2, 2017

Captain ZERO Unveiled as an Innovative Cockroach Bait

Have you heard about this Captain Zero?? Ive been seeing a lot of mystery post in the internet the past few months about a mysterious superhero character which came out on a Facebook Page by the name of Captain ZERO. My first judge was Captain Zero is an energy drink, since it has a logo of a mascular yellow superherošŸ’Ŗ. Until Captain ZERO was revealed last November 17, 2016, the guessworks ended as WINZO International Corporation, the company behind Captain ZERO, unveiled the product as an innovative cockroach bait. 

Talking about cockroaches, it is no rocket science that these pests are health risks as they carry germs, bacteria, & diseases that cause serious health problems and is an endemic problem of tropical countries like the Philippines. 

The Captain ZERO cockroach bait can plays a big role in eliminating cockroaches in areas where food is found including moist areas such as kitchen, bathrooms & garages, which these pests love. It has a unique luring action that attracts and makes these bugs feed on the paste and lets them return to their harbourages, controlling them at their source. Cockroaches who eat the bait will eventually die in a few minutes or hours depending on the size and type of the bug. The formulation is a combination of very low toxic compounds while the main active ingredient is called Trihydroxyborane.

Empty one sachet in small shallow containers such as bottle caps. You can place these in moist places such as bathroom, kitchen sink, garage areas, and backyards or in places where cockroaches are frequently found. Some reports have indicated that a sachet can kill as much as 18 roaches and last for as much as 15 days (2 weeks) depending on the density of bugs in the area.

Here is a simple 3-Step guide on how to use the Captain ZERO Cockroach Bait

1. Open #CaptainZEROph sachet and pour in a shallow container. 
2. Place container where many cockroaches are seen. 
3. Leave for a few days until no more cockroaches are seen. 

Captain Zero cockroach bait is recommended to be used as a weekly regimen. It is recommended to empty one sachet in separate locations (kitchen, bathrooms, garages) where there are food & heavy moisture every 1- 2 weeks to maintain a pest free environment. Although the active ingredients are low toxic to humans and animals, it is still best to keep it away from children and house pets. If it is accidentally applied on the skin or eyes, simply remove it by washing the area thoroughly.

Captain ZERO is an innovative product because it is the ļ¬rst cockroach bait in liquid paste form. Moreover, is the ļ¬rst Filipino-made cockroach bait. It is also budget friendly at only Php 15 per 10 gram sachet compared to other expensive brands in the market today,” shares Mr. Winston Tongco, President, Winzo International Corporation.

Captain Zero Cockroach Bait is now available in individual 10g sachets in most sari-sari stores around the Philippines. It will also be on the shelves of all Puregold Supermarkets nationwide, in packs of 10s and boxes of 20s, starting January of 2017!

Follow Captain ZERO and his adventures against cockroach pests on Facebook (, Twitter & Instagram on @CaptainZEROph.

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