Monday, March 14, 2016

Make the Most Out of your Child's Summer with the Milo Summer Sports Clinic

Moms, why do we need to engage our child into sports? As proven by research, a child active in sports enriches his or her life in so many ways. Physically, sports help the development of our child's lifelong skills and improve their health. Socially, it is a great way for children to make friends and simply have fun!! Sports also help our child work more effectively and develop character-forming values that will prepare them for the challenges not only in the playing field but also in their life ahead.

Euki had the chance to try out some of the sports in the clinic. His favorite was the basketball and football.

If your kids are looking for a fun summer activities to do, why not sign them up for a clinic where they will not only learn the fundamentals of sports, but will also build their characters! 


What is the Milo Summer Sports Clinic? The Summer Sports Clinics is a nationwide program held by various organizations to help promote grassroots sports development in our country in a fun, unique and scientific way. For more that three decades, Milo has sponsored the clinics with one aim, to introduce kids to the many benefits of sports. They are offering Basketball, Volleyball, Chess,Ice Skating, Table Tennis, Touch Rugby, Football, Karate, Taekwondo, Bowling, Gymnastics, Tennis, Badminton and Bowling. 

This year, Milo officially launched the Milo Summer Sports Clinics held at the City Club in Alphaland, Makati. Milo also has three additional sports to offer-Triathlon, Fencing and Golf, which brings to a total of 17 sports to choose from this summer.


Running from April to May, the Milo SummerSports Clinics offers a healthy summer experience full of fun and excitement where kids can expect to learn the fundamentals of their favorite sport from expert coaches of respected sporting organizations in the country. The program also promotes the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle, and offers the opportunity to gain new friends while acquiring character-building traits they can learn in the process such as confidence, discipline, perseverance, respect, teamwork and sportsmanship.




Dedicated in widening its reach to children with different interests, Milo also announced its partnership with new organizations in adding three new sports in this year's roster: GOLFMIX Philippines for Golf, the Philippine Fencing Association for Fencing and the Triathlon Association of the Philippines for Triathlon.

With Milo, moms can raise your little champions to be active in their sports of choice. Drinking Milo with Activ-Go everyday helps energize both the body and mind so that kids have the winning energy to fuel them before every game.

All set to give your kids an energizing summer and start them on the path of Champions? Then, enroll them now to the Milo Summer Sports Clinics! The program has over 700 venues nationwide that will offer a total of 17 sports. 

For registration and class schedules go to for more information.

To sign up, just visit the website, download the registration form and submit to the organizer of the sport of your choice together with an empty 1kg pack of Milo.

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