Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Movie Time with Sponge Bob Square Pants and Jollibee

Bianca and Euki have always love SpongeBob Square Pants for over years now. They have followed the story of SpongeBob on TV. And as a Mom, I have shared wonderful moments with my kids just by watching SpongeBob. This is my favorite bonding activity with my kids at home.

Bianca's drawing of SpongeBob Square pants

Last Sunday, Bianca, Euki and I spent our afternoon by watching “The SpongeBob Movie” Sponge Out of Water  in Cinema 2 of SM North Edsa.

Snack Time with Jollibee. Kids always love Jollibee Kids Meal most specially it comes with an Action Hero toy, SpongeBob Super Bubbles, Patrick Power Squirt or Booster Krabs.

The story is all about Team Work as SpongeBob and friends tried to save Bikini Bottom from being sad, hungry and crazy. If you are familiar with SpongeBob story just like me, Plankton, who always want to steal the “Krabby Patty secret formula” of Mr.Krabs eventually work together with Spongebob to know who steal the secret formula and be able to return it to Mr.Krabs.

Who steal the secret formula?  Maybe, you should bring your family and watch the SpongeBob movie to find out.

Our favorite part of the story was the transformation of SpongeBob, Patrick Star, Mr.Krabs, Sandy, Squidward and Plankton into Aqua Heroes Team. The team was able to return the secret formula back in the Bikini Bottom and from that time Bikini Bottom was happy again.

How about you, what is your usual bonding activity with the family??

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