Monday, December 15, 2014

Cartoon Network's A Very Random Christmas at Sky Ranch

A few days before Christmas, I'am so thankful to Cartoon Network for an early Christmas treat. Bianca, Euki and I attended a family event at the Sky Ranch Tagaytay for Cartoon Network's A Very Random Christmas.

It was a great Saturday morning. I have the idea of how Sky Ranch looks like because I was at the Sky Ranch Pampanga a few weeks ago, so I was excited to bring my kids there, I know that they will love the place.

Sky Ranch Amphitheater

From Makati, we traveled about two hours. We were welcomed by the Cartoon Network team and Havas PR Agatep at the Krispy Kreme and had a quick briefing and snacks.

We started our Cartoon Network Adventure at the Omnitrix Challenge booth, In this game, Bianca needed to choose one card from the pile of Ben10 mission cards. The card has a question that is answerable by a true or false. Need to choose whether true(green button) or false (red button). Bianca was able to answer it right and won a prize.

The time Room. Need to score 3000 points to win special prize. Just need to follow the instruction in the app to score points. Cartoon Network crews and staff was so patient to teach each kids on how to play this game.

Crazy Christmas Splant Game

My favorite was the puzzle game. Here, you need to slide the puzzle pieces to create Gumball in 2 minutes. A time-pressured but very challenging and exciting game indeed, we really had fun creating the image of Gumball.

Sky ranch is well known to be a destination and amusement park with exciting rides for families and friends in Tagaytay City.

The Sky Eye 

Double Decker Carousel

Express Train .We Enjoyed this ride while roaming around the park.

After the activities,games and rides, Cartoon Network surprised us. We were able to take home a Cartoon Network watch (for Bianca) and a Ben10 “Four Arms” Collectible figure (for Euki). Thank you so much Cartoon Network.

We had a chance also to have a photo opp with Ben 10, Euki's favorite Cartoon Network character.

How about you, who is your favorite Cartoon Network character?

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