Sunday, November 30, 2014

Exciting Rides at Sky Ranch Pampanga

Just a few days left before Christmas, there is a place where you can bring your family and enjoy a ride in the tallest "ferris wheel" in the Philippines. Situated in the SM City of Pampanga, San Fernando, Pampanga, 
Sky Ranch Pampanga is the first amusement park, newest destination and geographically advantageous for both local residents and tourist in the North of Luzon.

Exciting rides for all ages;

Pampanga Eye is the tallest and biggest in the Philippines with 65 meters in height and 50 meters in diameter. It is composed of 32 air-conditioned gondolas and each gondolas can accommodate 4 persons. The wheel can accommodate 128 persons per cycle.

Octopus Ride is a ride in a shape of octopus.

Music Express is the modern “caterpillar” ride which gives the spinning sensation of a round up. You will go spinning, flipping and twirling in this exciting ride which will make you shout for excitement.

Space Shuttle. Excitement of this ride is the same as Top Dancer of Tagaytay and Astroliner of SMBY. It swivels with three cycle going to the right and three cycle going to the left.

Loop Roller Coater is a kind of roller coaster that completes a 360 degree circle at the top of the loop in which riders can completely inverted. With left to right swerving, sudden speed burst and camel backs, the ride also offers enough excitement for thrill seekers to create a great experience.

Double Decker Carousel is my all time favorite ride where in magical look horses rotates in counter-clockwise/clockwise direction and moves up and down. Speed is adjustable. Kids and adult above 4 ft. can experience the ride.

Kangaroo Jump is a three minute ride with six kangaroo wagon which rotates in a circular motion while bouncing up and down. It creates a funny sounds to make it more attractive and playful. Strictly for kids between 3ft. To 5ft. Tall.

Super Viking is an open seated gondola which swings up to 90 degrees, back and forth. The ride can accommodate 32 persons with 5 persons per row. The ride will take from 5-6 minutes, an extreme ride.

For the little ones, there is also a Mini Viking. This is recommendable for kids ready to feel the excitement in riding a boat.

Convoy Tours is composed of mini cars set on a powered  track which makes it move around the truck in an upward slope. There's no age limit requirement and children under 3 feet in height are required to have adult companion.

Sky Ranch Pampanga is open every weekends (Friday-Sunday) 12NN to 12MN while on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) 3PM to 12MN. For more details, you may call (045) 963 7681 to 85 or (02) 712 8015.

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  1. My Sky Ranch na pala sa Pampanga, for sure madaming pumupunta jan lalo na galing sa north. :)