Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Johnson's Baby Philippines unveils the first-ever Shadow Playground in the world

Last Saturday, me and my son went to Market Maket, Playzone in Bonifacio Global City to attend Johnson's Baby Philippines launch of an innovative venue for active playtime with the opening of the first Shadow Playground. The playground is designed for kids 3-7 years old. It is open to the public within mall hours.. Childhood icon Bodjie Pascua and celebrity mom Camille Prats led us and our kids in games at the shadow playground.

At first, I was worried about my son sweating all day if I will allow him to play under the sun, but later realized that active playtime even under the sun is good for him. And before I allow him to play, I let him used the Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Powder.

The Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Shadow Playground was built by Johnson's Baby to encourage children to play outdoors and discover the world around them through the wonders of shadows. It is unique because it makes use of the sun to cast shadow games where children can play.

This is the Flamingo. My son and I played this game. Accordingly, mom and child will need to balance only one foot and hold each other for support. The pair that balances the longest will win. Me and son won in this game and got a gift pack.

Son enjoyed playing this Maze aswell. It teaches children strategy. Mom will stand at the center of the maze and child will need to find way to Mom by avoiding the blocked paths. And since son was the first child to reach and hug me, we won a Johnson gift pack in this game.
My favorite game was the Froggy Jump. I need to jump on odd-numbered leaves while son jumps on even-numbered leaves. And simply because we jumped without stepping out of the leaves and finished with the fastest time, we won again a prize.

To play this Snake and Ladders the child will stand on the start box while keeping his eyes closed. He will need to follow Mom's voice as she instructs him/her to jump long or short. They will need to aim for the ladders and not the snakes. First pair to reach the end wins.


Me and son had a wonderful time playing at the first-ever Shadow playground in the world.

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